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Anyone heard of Viberzi?
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    Default Anyone heard of Viberzi?

    So I was a opioid addict for 3 years and then I was on Subutex for 5 more years. I finally got off them in May 2017 so basically I've been clean for 5 months. I went to a new dr. to see about why I'm so tired all the time. I mentioned that I was diagnosed with IBS back in 2002 and was now having diarreah everyday. The only thing I liked about being on opioids is that it constipated me. But now that I'm off, my bowels are just messed up! I kept blaming coming off the subs and I was just still having problems getting back to normal. I would take Imodium at least every other day. So this new dr. gave me free samples of a med called "Viberzi" which come to find out, is an mu-opiate receptor antagonist - basically an opioid but it's just supposed to act on your mu-receptors in your guts, not your brain. I'm just super confused now. Am I just getting back on the addiction train? I was so proud to be off them and now, am I just getting back on? They have really helped my guts but the internet is coming up with people injecting these to get high. I don't know what to believe! If anybody has any info, I would sure be grateful!
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