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avoiding xanax addiction help
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    i'm currently on 54 mg concerta XR everyday for ADD. I've been on it for about 3 months now and it's been insanely helpful, I can finally do things that I couldn't do before (drive a car, basic house hold management, academic work etc.) but when I crash I have been getting some severe anxiety. I have c-PTSD, I'm pretty well recovered now but I am still prone to anxiety attacks and crashing from the concerta can trigger them. Initially when it was at it's worst my doctor perscribed me 2 x .25 mg xanax tablets a day to be taken to counteract this. This definitely helped with the crash but I am afraid about the addiction and physical effects of this as my doctor does not seem to know a lot about it.

    Originally my anxiety was so severe the first week that I was taking 1 mg 4-5 times, with 2 days off. Currently as my body as adjusted better to the concerta and I have started taking better care of myself when taking it (I now make sure to eat breakfast every day, minimize caffeine consumption, and keep hydrated/fed throughout the day) the crashes have become less severe so most days I don't need to take any xanax, but for the last few weeks instead of taking daily .5 mg dose I am instead taking 1 mg or less when I do need it. This now means I am taking about .75 mg roughly 3 times a week, this has been for the last 3 weeks roughly.

    I am finding now though when I do not take the xanax I have a lot of difficulty sleeping. I'm also afraid of addiction and want to know how to avoid this. I am in an intense academic course right now so when I don't sleep properly and then add in the concerta in the morning i will be quite badly affected the next day/night. I want to come off it as completely as possible while causing myself the least amount of rebound anxiety/etc. I can't totally get rid of my perscription as having PTSD I do need to always have some kind of a benzo in the house in case I have a flash back/dissociation. These happen to me quite rarely now (a few times a year), but if one does having access to this medication can save me a trip to ER/self harm/ etc.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation or have any advice?

    edit: I have been on SSRI's (prozac) and mood stablizers/antipsychotic (aripiprazole and risperadal) before and I had very bad reactions to both of them and because of this am scared to ask about long term medications like these. I also can't get a psych appointment at least until January (which I am also scared of because I have had terrible experiences with psychiatrists before, and the fear that they will put me on these medications that will give me bad reactions etc. but that's another issue). I am currently just in contact with my GP but like I said, he doesn't seem to have an indepth knowledge of a lot of these issues, but he is extremely helpful and kind and willing to listen and accommodate any suggestions I have about my treatment, which is why I am asking here.
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    Go to sub forums, in there you'll find a fourm called "Benzodiazepine Withdrawal"... Might be some good info in there for you? Best wishes... God bless us all!

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