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Bupe still in urine 16 days later... Is there something wrong with me?
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    Default Bupe still in urine 16 days later... Is there something wrong with me?

    I have stopped taking subutex 16 days ago. I'm still feeling awful WDs and nights are the worst. I'm very concerned that it's still in my urine... I jumped from 6MG (too late to go back now it's not an option). How long can it stay inside you? Also when does one feel better?

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    Responded to your question on another thread of yours. It's easier to keep track of responses if u use the same thread each time.
    Yes. The sub stays a long time in your body.
    Could stay 6 days on a single dose.
    Drink mucho water now to flush. Take vitamins. Eat light. Get some exercise for endorphines.
    Hang in there!

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    16 days of full on withdrawlsan I'm so sorry I took my last dose last Saturday I'm on day 7 I actually am up out of bed and I don't feel amazon but I'm OK can you get any klonodine its a blood pressure medication a doctor could write a script it's nonnarcotic and will help a little with withdrawals , I'm no expert at all all of our cases are not the same but I can definitely tell you we all know what your dealing with drink lots of fluids push that mess out I slept the first 5 days probably but tried getting up a little and moving..These guys have the best advice cause they have been there and did it..I was in the dark until I found this page, now I know I jumped from 24 mg down on a taper to eventually 4mg in about 3 maybe 3 and half weeks which was not comfortable by any means but I just sick of dealing with feeling like >>>> and wanted this over with so I stopped there is hope it does get better I promise

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