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Butrans Patch Anyone?
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    Default Butrans Patch Anyone?

    Hi - posting this on the general board in hopes some people have some experience with the patch?

    Been tapering down on sub and got down to 0.8 but was pretty rough going, especially below 2mg.

    Sub doc suggested it may be better now that I'm low enough to try the patch as it's more consistent and theoretically = 0.48mg.

    It's the same exact medicine, and the mornings aren't as miserable - but - all day heavy eyes, fatigue, some nausea.

    Anyone else tried it? It's supposed to get better after a couple days? Tryin to stick with it till day 3...
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    What? No reply? New product...

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    Hey there. I used Butrans for pain although I actually had an opioid addiction. The patch does take an adjustment period, but if you are feeling nauseous, I would speak to your doctor. As we all know, these medications are unpredictable at times.. Especially different routes of administration.
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