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clinic is fee detoxing me (Rapid detox)
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    Default clinic is fee detoxing me (Rapid detox)

    i have been going to a methadone clinic for three years now. At first i had medicaid i was pregnant and then six months after i had my baby i got a job and they took my medicaid away from me and put me on cost sharing which is you have a 896 dollar deductible a month and you have to pay that before medicaid will start picking up so i have just been paying for the program and it takes me couple months to get to 896 as i pay the clinic 178 every two weeks because i get paid bi weekly. once i get to 896 they kick and and pay for one week...Really! Anyways i have always paid never had a balance. They told me medicaid was changing things and that they picked up so im like ok will u let me know when i have to start paying cause usually they wont dose you until u pay...they never asked for a payment all of a sudden they tell me i have to pay 356 or they had to fee detox me which is bringing me down ten a day until i get to zero i was on 100 now im at 70 cause its been three days and i have split dose so i get 65 at night i have saved one night dose i dont know what to do i cant afford to pay it anymore its just too much i have two kids and work everyday money has been diffucult and very scarce because of this program they take half my check every two weeks and i am a single mother trying to pay rent and bills and work it is so hard and i am so scared that once i get close to zero its going to be so hard for me to get up and go to work which i have to im scared im going to lose everything and i have to try my hardest to get to work for my kids i am so worried they mix my night dose with water so i don"t know if i should save it and try to ween myself off with the few im going to have as they are bringing me own everyday so i wont be there much longer i just dont know what to do and i am really scared for me and my kids any advice would be welcomed thank you!

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    Jenn: Is there anyway you can call around and see if you can find a free clinic? Another option would be to see if you can find a suboxone doctor. Call around and see if you can find someone who charges the least amount. You should be able to use google to find a doctor near you. You may find a sub doc for less or around what you are paying now and you can taper sub faster and with fewer side effects than methadone. If you do decide to go that route, we can help you with taper and even induction. You could also call an addiction hot-line and see if they have any options for you as far helping with money. I don't know what else to tell you. I cannot believe that they are charging you this much, I am so sorry you are going through this!!!!

    Keep us informed!


    (Also, you might want to post in the "Need to Talk" as there is more traffic and some may have ideas)
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