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codeine addiction help
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    Default codeine addiction help

    I have been addicted to codeine phosphate forr 2 years now and I did manage to taper down I was on 30 30mg a day. Now however I take nurofen plus and take about 58 a day which I know is really bad. (I don't take the 30mg codeine) tommorrow is going to be my 1st day cold turkey and I'm really scared about the withdrawl symptoms but its got to be better than the amount of ibuprofen I'm consuming

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    I'm in withdrawl right now and I can tell you it's no walk in the park but you can get through it. Some people might advise against this advice but the only thing that makes it tolerable for me is some kind of benzo like xanax or I'm using valium right now. You're going to need immodium and that also helps some people with the withdrawl symptoms. Look up the Thomas Recipe. I've haven't followed the whole thing to a T but got some good advice off of it. Good luck and keep posting on here, it really helps.

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    Hi,ok this is my first post so bear with!
    I have been addicted to codeine,DHC and Nurofen plus,on their own and mixed. I tried half a dozen tapers but I would get to 6 and couldn't go lower so I just went back up to handfuls very quickly.
    I don't want to frighten the life out of anyone but the ibuprofen made me very ill on top of having been born with a condition that required pain relief anyway. I was born with a volvulus with malrotation and have had a lot of intestine removed in 10 surgeries so far. At one point I went to my GP feeling so ill and tired and breathless and a blood test done that day put me straight into hospital with a HB level of 3.1.
    My legs were swollen and I was on heart monitors in intensive care unit. After that my marriage fell apart,my kids were scared and I knew I could not go on like that.

    It doesn't work for everyone but I couldn't do another taper so when I came out of hospital I just stopped,before I went in I was taking up to 64 N+ everyday and to honest I don't remember the first week of cold turkey(I hate that expression!) and now 3 years later I am free of them and haven't taken even 1.

    It's hard but for me and I do mean just for me it worked but others have done it a different way. Hang in there,it does get better.
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