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Codeine addiction recovery question
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    Default Codeine addiction recovery question


    I have been reading this forum for a long time, but this is the first time I have posted. I've been battling a Codeine addiction for about 5 years (27 years old now). Detoxed many times but so far haven't been able to escape. My dosages I think are very much on the mild side, at the peak it would be around 600-700mg a day at about 100mg a time. I was very naïve for much of the 5 years and didn't know about the dangers of the paracetamol that was in the pills, and would have been taking an enormous amount every day. Luckily my body seemed to cope with it, and after many blood tests and organ ultrasounds last year there was no damage found.

    I am hopefully close to starting clean again, currently down to around 100mg a day and that's really just to stop the cramps and restlessness to help sleep. The physical addiction is one thing, but I think it is much harder to beat the habitual triggers that develop. It seems that any emotional reaction to anything is met with a desire for the drug. If it's positive, the drug makes it even better and if its negative the drug helps it go away...

    Anyway my question is more specific. I have noticed for maybe the last 12 months that my mental capacity is frustratingly not as good as it was. I'm not talking about any of the depression or anxiety, but my ability to think. I feel like there's a roadblock in my brain and when I want to access a thought or memory something is in the way. It almost feels like a physical reaction inside my head. I find it really hard to focus on one thought. My mind doesn't race between thoughts, it just stops and goes to nothing. I am also in a place that my emotions are severely reduced.

    From what I have read, this mental side is common in addiction. Is it something that happens regularly with Codeine use? More importantly, is it something that will improve if I can keep away from it and is there anything I can do to help improve?

    Thank you anyone who takes the time to respond!


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    I started taking Codeine for my chronic headaches, then with prolonged use, i got addicted, I would take sometimes more than 32 tablets a day. One time I had (what I believed), paracetamol poisoning, so it was the one time that I decided to stop, I’ve gone through very tough withdrawal for a month, then I turned to Subutex, it gave me relief from withdrawal and suppressed my craving.
    After 3 months of Subutex, I stopped cold turkey and went through hellish subutex withdrawal for 3-4 weeks. Now after a month, the Codeine craving came back, I relapsed once since.

    Today it's been day 9 off relapse Codeine, i don't have have craving for now, but relapsing made me very prepared for relapse triggers, for me it was fatigue and stress, my craving goes up when i come home from work, and lasts about 2-3 hours. Now i know that acute withdrawal is not the hole deal, i'm now gonna deal with the psychological aspect of addiction. I think that internet is a good tool to stay motivated and exchange experiences.

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