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Coming off Kratom
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    Default Coming off Kratom

    I managed to taper myself down to 12 grams (yesterday, which was my last dose) from about 35 grams. I took 10 mg of Loperamide this morning on my way to work and plan to use that same dose tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday to make it through work. Then I'm off Sunday and Monday. Here's my question, and I'm looking for experienced, first hand answers here. Should I plan on taking 10mg or less of Lope to make it through work Tuesday, or should the worst of it be over by then? I'm not using Lope Sunday or Monday, no matter how bad it is. I've only been on Kratom since around Thanksgiving of 2017, and I've switched "strains" 3 times, but always at a high dose (30+ grams a day).

    I've done a little reading on it here and other places, but I'm getting mixed results. I know for a fact I'm addicted, physically and mentally. I do smoke marijuana, and have no interest in stopping that, and that does help with the rls, somewhat, at night. Looking for suggestions more than support. I know I can do this, I'd just like a road map, of sorts, for my journey.

    Thanks in advance. This is a mostly wonderful community that I am looking forward to finally being a part of. I've used the site for years as a reference and motivation, at times. Finally decided to join.

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    Hi redbeard
    I have always used loperamide (Imodium) for about the first 8-9 days of withdrawals. The dosage was high the first 6 days and then I would taper down the last 3 days to 6mg, then 4mg, then 2mg. After that, I would use it only when it got really bad which wasn’t too often after the first 10 days. That being said, everyone is different.

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