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DAY 1-7- Thomas Recipe/Personal Experience/Supplementations/Oxycodone
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    Default DAY 1-7- Thomas Recipe/Personal Experience/Supplementations/Oxycodone

    Firstly a big, big thank you to everyone who posts on here, without it, I don’t know if I could have just accomplished what I just did. I’ve never even written an amazon review, let alone been compelled to share the personal hell I just went (going) through with strangers. If my post helps just one person in any way I will be paying it forward. Just trust that you can do it… I was in bad, bad shape, and made it through the first phase… I hope you find the strength to do the same.

    Brief back story: For me my DOC is Oxy(perc) I was always a dabbler my whole life, never a big deal. When I had some, I would eat some… that was it, My friends and I jokingly call them “biscuits” and we would always share recreationally… Yum who doesn’t love a couple of biscuits right especially with a drink???

    I was then prescribed 10/325’s several years ago for some back pain, (which wasn’t that bad honestly) and I was also at my heaviest weight at that time of 240lbs, at 5’10”, 43 yrs old. I was a big fat miserable mess to say the least… 40” pants were getting tight….Drinking like a fish, smoking, and fat…so what do I do? Add Percocet to the diet of course… duh!!

    At first I was only taking a few 10’s a day, and then I was strangely finding that I had pretty good energy… you ever felt that way? In fact I decided to go back to the gym, eat healthy and finally lose the weight. I was going to commit. Like a lot of people have posted I was like super superman. Killing it in the gym, and no pain, and my energy was through the roof. Fast forward to today, and I’m 190lbs, and lost over 50lbs of fat. I’m in the best (external) shape of my life. I thought I had found the wholly grail… everyone tells me how great I look but inside I was about to implode…I could feel it…Then what happens to everyone, happened to me…

    I was taking anywhere from 80-120 mg a day, up until a week ago, and washing it down with AT LEAST half a bottle of Silver tequila every single night, (tried to make a bottle last 2 nights) and smoking 1-2 packs of marlboro’s, and on top of a healthy breakfast/lunch…. I know It makes no sense, and I should be dead, but this is my truth… I know none of us are proud, we just did what we did to get here. I have a new perspective on addiction, and have no shame. Neither should you.

    My doctor would write me anything… I was getting scripts for 120 at a clip, then had some friends… you know the routine… I even went to get an MRI last month, knowing my back was fine, just so I could get a bigger script… As I was in the machine, I couldn’t believe that I was so messed up to do something like that… INSANE!!! then one day, it was the last week in April, I knew I was going to run out a week early, and I had had enough… Just went through a bad breakup and was finding myself having meltdowns and they were getting progressively worse… I could feel the crisis coming… you know like the grim reaper in the cornfield… as someone posted, the big bully finally found me and he was going to punch me in the face, then beat the living SNOT out of me.

    I know there’s people on here who gobble down a lot more pills and booze, and maybe you are one of them, but for me that’s a lot, so I cant tell you how grateful I am for finding this site… research, read, read read, then jump… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

    I didn’t have a chance to ween at all, and I was not going down the Suboxone road, I'm going right off the cliff…what the hell I said…so after hitting google for a few hours I found the Thomas recipe and got all my >>>> in order. Line up at least 3 days off from work if you can…For those of you are thinking about it, I will say this. It helps tremendously, and you WILL go through hell and back, but you will make it. Trust me, if I could do it, you can too… Do not underestimate the power of your body to heal itself quickly, and then be patient for the brain to catch up... You can do it without any substitute drugs too. clean is the way to go...

    For me it was like this: Day 1-5, pure misery… day 1, I took Imodium first thing in the AM, which was huge….took it day 1-3 and never had an "issue". Great advice that was... then Xanax 1mg at night, and .5 during the day for first few days…B6, B12 sublingual, and optimized folate (all methylation helpers) and L-Tyrosine. Multi-vitamin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, Vitamin d3 (5000mg) and tried to eat healthy, but also let myself eat whatever I craved during days 1-7. I had the worst RLS days 1-5, and couldn’t believe it was even real as people post… I wanted to kick through the ceiling and boot the moon at night… took some extra magnesium at night, but don’t know if it really helped much. Bottom line for me was day 1-5 totally sucked giant moose balls, and not until day 6-7 did I start feeling a bit more human, and then that’s when the real depression started kicking in… The WD’s were bad enough, but now the PAWS? Fantastic!!!… It felt absolutely hopeless, and I wanted to go refill with my doc a hundred times… I was coming up with reasons left and right… maybe I start using a small amount until I feel better I told myself…I felt like Gollum talking to himself in the goblin pit… looking for that stupid precious ring… damn hobittses!!!

    I will follow up with a post with day 8-14. But if you are seriously thinking of it, my recommendation is to prepare… get the Thomas recipe ingredients, plan some time off, try and ween if you can, and then go for it. My WD is pretty much gone, and now I will deal with the PAWS… sounds fun right, I know you can’t wait, so put on your big boy (or girl) pants, and make a stand against that little evil army of marching pills that has taken over your life, it can be done.

    Matty D.

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    Hey there, just wondering how your doing? I'm on day 7 clean of 20-30 Vic's a day! I'm finding the depression and anxiety a real kick in the pants today! Scared for work tomorrow. Haven't worked "clean" in 6-7 years.... Putting my big girl work boots on in the morning

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    how are you doing mat? im new here and just posted my first thread. going to do my own version of the thomas recipe and im looking FOR ALL THE HELP I CAN GET. Im 20 btw. and my DOC is Tramadol

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