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Day 1 opiate withdrawal need help
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    Default Day 1 opiate withdrawal need help

    I am on day 1 of opiate withdrawal and just need some support. I am a high functioning addict and no one knows what I am going through. I've been addicted to Norcos for 4 years now and recently started snorting oxys when I can get them. I just used up my entire 120 10/325 norco prescription in 4 days. I have no choice but to go cold turkey right now but part of me doesn't even want to but I know it's getting too bad. I took my last 5 norcos last night at 10pm and it is now 5:24pm next day. I am supposed to go to work tomorrow but I don't know how I am going to. I know if I stay home and call out sick I'll be super depressed. Should I just go? Right now I have the cold sweats and depressed and keep running t the bathroom. I just took 4 Imodium so hopefully that helps. I guess I just need some encouragement. Not sure what to do. It's hard to go thru this alone but I don't want to tell anyone close to me that I'm an addict. My boyfriend would freak out. I hate that I'm in this position. Please help.

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    Hi there not sure if anyone here replied. Is there an addiction clinic near you? Us or Canada? Sure hope you have someone to talk to. I know all about being incognito... Thought I was the master at it lol. From Canada so here it's only walk in addiction clinics that help. Family doctors only prescribe the problem. There is lots of supporting people here in told weekends and sports making replys slow. Crossing my fingers you get the best.

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    Congrats on taking the first step. I also recently quit. I was on Norco 10mgs 6 times daily for 5years due to medical issues. Over the years I had to take more n more just for it to work. I began hiding it from my husband n family bc I was ashamed of how out of control it had gotten. So I decided enough was enough. I did endless research on how to wd without feeling like I was dying. Neurotins is what i came across. I took neurotins 4 times a day at 400mg. It made me very weak and tired but other that that no other symptoms. By day 4 I quit taking those also. I kno how hard it is to stop cold Turkey bc this was my 2nd time quitting. The first time I had nothing to help with the wds but hang in there bc by day 4 the worst should be over. Congrats again. I hope all is well.

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    Hi - Just come across your message. I can totally relate too you - it's very difficult to let people know what you have been doing, it kind of feels like you have failed... Firstly I'm hoping you have come threw this as I see its a few weeks since you posted - My advice for anyone in this lonely situation is too actually take advantage of the "being alone" and get too know yourself again because whilst being stuck in the fog it's very easy to forget all them good qualities you still own. I listened to a lot of spiritual teachers like teal swan. Eckhart tolle. These inspired my mind to think in a new way - although we all on here are aware the physical withdrawal is inevitable it is he'll for a few days but its the ongoing reprogramming of the mind that helps to start making the most out of your life.... Some spiritual teachers teach the "law of attraction" meaning the vibration our internal source energy puts out is what will come back and I know this to be true now because although my physical body felt like >>>> my internal source was closer to being alive than ever - the point I'm making is in those few days of agony I started to imagine having more friends a better job and a holiday. In 1 year I have achieved all without any extra effort- although the first few days you feel so weak I promise you this is when your knowing of what you want is at its strongest -- so spend time with yourself and get too know what you want.
    God bless.

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