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day 11 no codeine
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    Default day 11 no codeine

    Can I get through today im at the bit for a tab right now I have come through all the nasty withdrawals and on day 11 today im shaking and sooo nervy. ...arghhhhh whats going on!! I really do not want to take anything im feeling so >>>>ty.
    Horrible little beasts taken my life for 3 years... get out of my head!!!! Rant rant

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    Try some valerian root for anxiety or serene theanine, which is l-theanine with other natural substances. Drink water and take a walk. Those things will help the anxiety. When we're newly clean we don't imaging what it is like to go through life w/o taking anything: people get nervous, people get happy, people get depressed. It's time to learn to live life on life's terms. Also try NA or AA to stay clean.



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    Thankyou for your reply... I made it, just about alot more possitive today although I had a bad nights sleep I have slept well all the way through this until last night... I eventually got up and took some kalms which contain valerian root and seemed to help..
    Thanks again... here's to day 12!

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