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Day 3-
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    Default Day 3-

    So here I am.. Day three and I hope I don't bore anyone with my daily posts since it's so early in the process I just feel comfort in posting here.. I cannot thank you enough for the responses I've gotten to my previous posts.. Yes I even cried to one of them.. The one bad thing I did do today was take off of work.. When I woke up this morning I was feeling bad. Yes, I could've went in however my supervisor upset me off yesterday so I'm giving her a day of missing the guy who keeps her academy in check while she does whatever she does.. For those that don't know I'm a Dean of about 300 sixth graders in a middle school.

    I've never tried quitting this way in the past.. So I just want to say thank you to those who posted supportive words and I hope my words are inspiring some of you.. Be back on later..

    Keep Moving Forward

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    Hey Man wondered where you were, you are hanging in there and doing well. Helping someone is never boring, it is a blessing, just tough for us to accept help. Small amount of ego and pride come into play. LOL Be careful with the anger especially early on, so easy to get into that mindset of "I'll show you, I'll get me" My first sponsor told me that if I wanted to be free I had to allow others to be free, free even to be the SOBs that they were. By doing that no one has control of my thinking and emotions. Sounds simple but it works. Keep posting God Bless Surfdog
    Oh like I said "we're everywhere we're everywhere"
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