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Day 3 of no opiates after 5 years
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    Default Day 3 of no opiates after 5 years

    Hey there, Im new to this site(forum). I'm actually on my 3rd day without any norco. I was using about 50-70mg per day. I actually went 30 days opiate free, about 2 months ago, then I gave into temptation because it was a "holiday". Like that justifies using. Two months passed and I was right back where I started. This begun many years ago with a hand injury, two surgeries later and the doctors are giving them to me like candy. That eventually ended but I was hooked and had easy access to them. These past few months I've hit that, "I'm done, I'm fed up, I need to stop this" phase. I have been using about 3-5 grams of kratom per day to help with the withdrawals. I also had a Rx of GABA I've been using to sleep. Surprisingly, on day 3, I don't feet that bad? I'm wondering if that month off may of somewhat restored my brain? Normally, day 3 is the day of hell. I'm sure the Kratom is helping that but 3-5 grams is a pretty low dose. I actually haven't told anyone about my addiction so I just wanted to be able to "say" that I am an addicted, even if it's on a forum. Any words of encouragement will be appreciated. I'm just soooo tired of spending all that money, all my time, all of my life, just for a fix.

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    Hi! Welcome to the boards. I do know many of us pill users new or fairly new in WD or recovery are over on the Need to Talk Forum.

    If you are feeling this good on day 3.. I suggest you stop taking Kratom. Obviously it's effecting your brain like an opiate. Which means replacing one drug with another.

    We have a good group of secret pill takers on Need To Talk. Any chance you could start a new thread there? I feel, you will get more support.
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    Good for you! Don't beat yourself up for falling backward and taking pills. The important thing is you realize the problem and are back off them. You can do it this time. I am on day 4 no opiates. Really hasn't been as horrible as I thought it would be, except for RLS. Take it a day at a time and before you know it you will be clean for a week, a month then a year. Good luck!

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