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Day 4 of Using Suboxone.. Need Advice
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    Question Day 4 of Using Suboxone.. Need Advice

    Hi. I hope someone will be able to give me some good input on my situation.

    I started using Suboxone 4 days ago to kick my Perc habit. I only need about a half of an 8mg pill a day, as I tapered down my Perc intake prior to starting the Subs. This is what the past weekish has looked like for me:

    Wednesday - Waited 24 hrs between Percs, started withdrawing, (sweating, cold, exhausted, unable to concentrate, etc) then had about 40mgs of Percocet.
    Thursday - Had 3/4s of a 30mg Perc at noon, so about 23mgs. That was it for the day.
    Friday - Waited 24 hours since I had my last line of Percs, took 2mgs of a Suboxone at noon, and another 2mg a few hours later.
    Saturday - Had 6mgs of Suboxone total throughout the day
    Sunday - Had 3mgs of Suboxone at around noon
    Monday - Planned to take it off, but I ended up having 4mgs of Suboxone at about 8pm. I wasn't feeling too bad at all prior to taking it, just tired and lazy and needed some motivation. I regret having any though.

    So basically, I've taken about 16mgs of Suboxone throughout a 4 day period. I'm wondering, if I quit them alltogether now, will I withdraw from the Percocet, (about 4 days before withdrawals start getting better) or will I withdraw from the Suboxone (about 2 weeks of withdrawing)?? I'm really pretty confused. I was actually under the impression that Suboxone was different than what I found it out to be during researching these past couple of days. I really don't want to be on the Suboxone any longer than 4 days, didn't even want to take it past 3, and I shouldn't have.

    What will I be feeling when I stop these? And for how long? I really just don't know what to expect.

    Any input would be helpful.

    Thank you

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    Emily ... after only three or four days you are likely to relapse. That is just the odds. That being said the original detox from the percs isn't even over yet so you will be in w/d from the percs. Subs aren't so evil that you'll be addicted in just a few days. You need a plan of recovery that lasts longer than a few days. Good luck. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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    Talking Day 4 of using Suboxone


    I agree with the previous response. Sub is meant to be taken for a while, I've been on it 4 years. (and 3 months....but who is counting?) Yes, I have a physical addiction to Sub now, but they originally started me on 4 8/2 mgs a day, which is crazy. It sounds like you're using it to withdraw off perc's - no judgement, that was my idea too, except it was Lortab10, I doctor shopped - I was getting approx 600 a month, just for me. I would take 30 in a day, it was a hellish roller-coaster ride, I kept in my head which Dr. & which pharmacy. I knew I had a way of talking Dr.'s into things they didn't want to do. One dr. on my first visit gave me 100. On the 2nd visit I said I was going out of town & he gave me 165. I came back in 30 days and he looked at the computer which shows last visit, and continued to give me 165. So, my friend went, who has tons of physical issues that are way more obvious than mine - and she pulled out the tears and everything and got 30, then she got mad at me. So, I gave her some of mine - I hate when people are mad at me. But, I digress. At first I used the sub to wean down from Lortab, but on the 3rd month, I was sick of the ride, spending the $, Robert325 is right, Emily. Once I gave it a real shot, I started with 1 8/2 one half in the morn, one half in the evening. There are side effects at first, but they go away, be especailly careful when driving, you'll try to nod off. I ended up on 3 a day for a while, cut down to two, cut down to one, now I'm at 1/2 tab a day. I've been clean now for 4 years & 2 months - I've had them in my hand, (for my mom) and I looked at those blue pills that ran my life for so long, I was a doped-up hamster running on that wheel to nowhere by a pill (ok, 600 pills) how did they have that control? Sub takes away the craving completely. COMPLETELY! I thought I was a lost cause, there was no hope for me. But, there was & and for you too! Here's the thing about sub, if you relapse, you have to plan it out, cause it takes 3 days to leave your system, I think it's longer, more like 5. So, you have time to reconsider, because even if you take some perc's they will have no effect. NONE. Your receptor cites are blocked. I don't even drink anymore, I maybe can have 2, but I usually don't finish the 2nd. Give it a real try. What do you have to lose except an addition? I'm not a professional, I only speak from years of experience. The side effects go away, new info says that it takes 2 8/2 pills a day to completely rid yourself of cravings and everything. Be careful when driving, once I fell asleep at work, once I found myself putting on make-up at 2:00 am in my sleep - I thought it was time for work. These things pass. And no, you're not changing one addiction for another, because you're not doctor shopping and dreaming about them, and spending tons of money chasing a high. When you go off sub, you do have to taper off, but stay on it long enough that you fill the time you used getting perc's and money you used on something else. Good luck, let me know. lola1022

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