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Day 6 opiate free and still feel withdrawals!
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    Oh what a terrible and horrific thing to go through! I’m on day 7 (cold turkey) after 11 years of “chasing the devil”
    In 2007 I was in a terrible car accident, where I was thrown out of my car from a collision with a semi truck. I was life flighted to hospital where I had sustained a concussion, severe neck and lower back injury along with a dislocated knee and torn acl and mcl. The doctors wanted to do a series of surgeries, which would have me off work for another 6-12 months.
    Long story short, I was the main source of income for my large family, 2 children of my own, 2 step daughters and 3 kids that I had custody of, totaling 7 kids in my home, so having these surgeries weren’t an option for me at the time, not too mention the Dr couldn’t guarantee that I’d even get 50% of relief so I decided to tough it out and continue taking my pain meds (as needed) to allow me to continue to work to support my family.
    In the beginning I’d take a 1/2 Of hydrocodone 1-2 Times a day And somedays I didn’t even take that, but then the laws changed and I was forced to go into “pain management” where not only did they up my medication they also added something for “breakthrough pain” I also had to sign a contract that I’d take my medication as directed 1 15 mg of oxycodone 4 Times a day but also 7.5 mg of op at bedtime also I was subjected to pill count, drug test, test that test my levels or I’d be discharged. NO ONE EVER TOOK THE 2 MINUTES TO INFORM ME THAT MY LIFE WOULD FOREVER CHANGE AND THAT ID BE PHYSICALLY ADDICTED TO OPPIATES! Hell I didn’t even know what I was being prescribed was an “opiate” (I know ignorance, right!). See I was brought up to trust Drs and like a dummy I didn’t do my research on what the medication being prescribed was highly addictive (not just mentally but physically!!)
    After 11 years of being on opiates, my tolerance grew and grew as well as the physical addiction so on Monday after I took my last pill I decided that this was it...I was done...I’m so tired of the cycle and sick of being sick and sick of depending on a pill. I couldn’t even start my day off unless I had a pill before my coffee before I could play with my 4 yr old Granddaughter. As soon as my feet hit the floor that was the first thing I’d reach for.

    I’m almost 1 week clean!!! It came with one heck of a price it was ABSOLUTE HELL!!
    Although I’m still having some of the side effects from coming off opiates, it all has been worth it!!!
    BTW- I’ve tried weaning myself off, using subutex or suboxone and etc more times than I can count (which just ended me right back to where I started).
    After this last attempt to come off opiates, I have to say Cold turkey is the only way!
    Now I did come up with a concoction that helped me get through the first 5 days and without this I know I wouldn’t have been able to get to this day.
    Bento to sleep
    Robaxin (2 every 4 hours) for restless leg
    Immoddium AD for the stomach issues
    Dramamine for the nausea and vomiting

    On day 5 I stopped using the cane for sleep bc the last thing I wAnted to do was trade one addiction for another, so if you are reading this remember xanex are highly addictive and are just as hard to come off of but if use them just to get you through the first 5-7 days I think you’ll be ok but I’m no Dr, I’m just telling you what worked for me!

    I now I still have a long road ahead of me but I wanted to share my success of getting through (almost) the first week...well as of Monday.

    There is hope and Lord knows if I can do this anyone can!! You just have to want it more than you want the next pill.
    This is by far the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through in my entire life!
    I continue to pray for strength and to feel better and that God continues to give me the strength to keep fighting everyday to stay off opiates!!

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    Sorry for some of the typos autocorrect didn’t want to recognize Benzos not cane

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    Thanks for sharing and way to go. I’m on day 2. I tapored down to 1.25 a Day oxycodone then went cold turkey. I had been taking them for almost 8 years. Like you I trusted my doctor. I had no idea what poison I was putting into my body and the hell it would be getting it out. I just decided enough is enough. Oh I had tried before but never had the courage or determination and always had an excuse as to why I needed these pills. I hated seeing all the articles and stories about opiates in USA killing people and I didn’t want to be part of that group. I had an rx that I could fill on 2/4 and when I decided to stop I took it to the doc office that way I had no chance of starting again. My withdrawals haven’t been awful just frustrating. I’m soaking in the tub with Epsom salts right now. I have been drinking passionflower tea and taking Passion flower and kava kava and a few other supplements. Gonna go to gnc and get a supplement to help get my brain functioning better that was recommended on here. I am determined to get my life back. I have been using essential oils listening to music watching things that make me laugh Amanda spending time with my dogs. They love unconditionally and never judge. Good luck on your journey. You are in right place. I have gotten so much support on here. They tell me to not think too far ahead. One day at a time. We will get there.

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    Sick..thank God you have found the truth.

    There are plenty of horror stories on here about people quitting but know that for every one of them there's two people who quit and decided to stay in long term sobriety. Keep a positive attitude and even when you feel life sucks, remember you still have a life which you can control.

    The acute phase seems like forever but trust in this, if you hang with it, you will find all the beauty in this world. Your senses will come alive just as flowers do in the spring.

    Cheering for you!

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