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day 7 no methadone.. is this real life? lol
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    Default day 7 no methadone.. is this real life? lol

    Well my cat has been off methadone for about 7 days after a 7 year journey and 3 years off n on H . my cat was originally on about 120mg a day for years. eventually decided enough was enough and started a long taper schedule that lasted a year and half or so. my cat finally got down to 20mg and decided to just cold turkey. my cat was astonished how much easier this was than previous attempts at a higher dose. for the first 3 days my cat didnt use any otc medications to help with wd. than my cat read alot about imodium and wow it works wonders. my cat has been taking 60mg of lope a day with very few symptoms. but my cat was not expecting day 7 to be so bad. definetly the worst day yet. even with the lope. my cat is slightly scared since methadone is notorious for long agonizing withdrawals. and this is the first time my cat has made it this far. my cat is slightly losing its mind from the lack of sleep. but it wont let it stop me. way to determined to get back to the old me. any way

    does anyone have any otc recommendations that might be helpful. and should my cat feel better within the 20-40 day mark? i know that coming off of 20mg is going to be easier than what my dose used to be but my cat didnt realize how intense it was really going to be. any help would be great. thank you

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    Never taken methadone but from what I have read on these boards 20mg is a decent dose and with the long half life your prob gonna have 14-21 days acute WD I came of 80 mg OxyContin 23+ weeks ago I had bad WD for 10 days and I still get some paws from time to time

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    Hi BBrestal,

    I know that this reply comes late. I hope you were able to find some of the great advise that these forums and threads offer. How are you doing? Having myself detoxed from Methadone before, I feel your pain- it was one of the hardest things I'd ever gone through. Props to you for your strength in making 7 days. It's a very hard battle but well worth it to be off the ball & chain that is methadone maintenance.
    Because my response is so late I know that you may or may not have continued your endevour- to be honest, hopping at 20mg you would have to be Superman to not relapse (personal opinion). I wanted to send you some support and good vibes, along with some of the very best tips I have found during my abundant research on withdrawal. Whether you are on the road, or decide to take it later, I truly hope this helps you to be successful.

    Roberts taper plan:

    Another great one:

    Very best wishes my friend!!!


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