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Day 8 withdrawal from Lortab.
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    Default Day 8 withdrawal from Lortab.

    I've taken lortab for about 8 years for fibromyalgia. My Dr. had me on 2 500mg every 4 to 6 hours so I took at least 6 pills per day. I never abused them, ran out early, or went a day without them. Since the new laws took effect it's become too expensive and a pain in the ass to get them so I told him I wanted to quit.

    I weaned down over 3 weeks to 1/2 a pill every 6 hours, then went cold turkey. I went through a few days of w/d and feel I'm thorough the worst of it now. The only thing that just won't go away is the RLS. It's in my entire body and drives me insane. Dr. replaced lortab with tramadol, but after reading w/d from them can be worse, I'm afraid.

    Right now I'm taking 1 50mg tramadol at night because it's the only thing stopping the RLS. I won't increase the dose if it stops working, but my question is, How long until the RLS passes? Will I never get past this stage if I continue taking a tramadol at night? Is it okay to take a low dose to get through the w/d or am I just dragging this out?

    I've never been dependent on anything and I hate that I let it happen. I know I won't go back to lortab. I have no desire for them. I just need the RLS to stop.
    I appreciate any advice. Thanks

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    It's great you don't have the hunger for them.You are one if the lucky few that have been on them for so long and never took the fork in the road.
    As far as rls you should be seeing signs of it going away or at least easing up.A 3 week taper was a fairly quick taper but not too quick.Rls will usually hang around till day 5 or 6 after going clean.
    Thanks for posting and good luck

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