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Depression makes me keep relapsing, help!
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    Default Depression makes me keep relapsing, help!

    I have been prescribed oxy 10mg 4 a day for over 5 years now. Ended up taking more due to severe pain, up to 100mg a day. I have quit cold turkey 2 times but was unable to stick with it because of severe depression. Need help getting thru it. I'm getting ready to start cold turkey in the morning for the last time. I'm so glad I found this forum. I've read so many of others posts and I understand what they're going thru. I don't have any problems with cravings just the depression. Plz help

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    Yup. Its a side effect. I did my 7 year 80mg hydro binge CT about a year ago. I went through hell for the first week physically. The 2nd week, a deep dark depression set in. It was the hardest part imo. It lasted for 2 more weeks. But after 18 days, i started to get small happy bouts. It took anothee 2 weeks for my brain to give me a constant daily happy surge. But on the 2nd month, i had good days and bad days. But the bad days started to get smaller and smaller. It was only after 60 days that my depression finally left. Then it took 1 more month, thats 90 days of being totally clean to reach the final stage where I was constantly normal and was having good days everyday. The cravings were gone too. So besy advice is to give it time and suck it up.time is KEY. Also, i picked up a gym membrship on the 2nd month i think... but man, that helped tremendously! Now i lift weights and have build incredible muscle tone. So my new addiction is watching my calories and a very high protein intake to build muscle. This new addiction has totally erased my vicodin addiction. Honest to effing god! I look great too! :]

    Try that OP..... start to work out your body, do lifting for 1 month straigh with 2 rest days a week. You will see your body transform and that gives you a HUGE boost in feeling good!

    Remember...... you have to commit to never ever popping pills again! Because its super ultra hard work for the brain to regulate itself and it CAN drive you suicidal. When I was in severe depression, i questioned my life constantly and wanted to just give up. But i held on, i knew it was selfish to do something stupid. Thank god I did! It was just a temporary phase we go tbrough when we stop these pills. Ugly and dangerous side effect unfortunately. As much happiness these pills give you, you have to repay with dread at the end. Luckily I was in the late stage on my addiction, i was just popping them to not get sick from wd, i wasnt even getting the happy high no more. So quitting was easy since I didnt crave the euphoria it once gave me.

    Hold on tight! You will effing thank me! 1 yr clean and soo much happier! I swear it!
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    I'm in the same exact boat. Can't keep cleaning bc of depression and lack of energy. A year ago went to 30 day rehab and eventually recd my 90 day chip and a few days later relapsed bc even with all the medicines and therapist I couldn't kick the funk and thst started taking over parts of my life that the pills never did. And that was it . A little over a year later here I am, I'm on my 6th day clean, started a new job yesterday, have spent 2 yrs jobless trying to get clean and relapsing over n over after a few days. I'm starting to obsess over the pills, my mind keeps going back and fourth, to so, or not to do . I know what ll happen of I do, I'll never get better and this will continue to be my life. But this depression and no energy is kicking my ass. And to think I got to 90 days and it was worse than it is now.. makes me think it'll never get better!! Ahhhh. Wishing u all the strength! !

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