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Do any Supplements help? DLPA?
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    Default Do any Supplements help? DLPA?

    I have read in a few different places about supplements that are supposed to help with opiate withdrawl. I have read quite a bit about DLPA but some include multiple different ingredients such as one called elimidrol which consists of a daytime and a night time formula containing.
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    Hey dobieman. Try to keep all your posts to your original thread. It can be confusing for the members. All your info is on the other one, so let's keep it there and this thread will just wash away to the archives.

    DLPA. Absolutely great stuff!! I took it all the way through my detox and still take it today. It's a great amino acid that helps repair the brain after years of opiate abuse. You don't necessarily feel it right away, but one day I woke up and I had a better general mood, coordination was better, I was smiling and laughing more, people didn't seem like such a-holes all the time. I know it really helped me out to get back to normal, or whatever normal is. Lol.

    Have you seen the Thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal? Give it a google. Everything there will help get you where you need to be. It calls for a benzo, but leave that out unless you're already taking them under a doctor's supervision. They are highly addictive and you don't want to go trading one for the other. The recipe calls for l-tyrosine as a supplement for energy. It also works great, but I know some members reported that it made them jittery. It's more what works best for you.

    Let us know how it's going.
    Have a great day.

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    Ur the man (assuming ur a man lol) beef!! Thanks Man, I'm really glad to hear about the DLPA and I'll check out the Thomas recipe for sure! Sorry about the post I just figured that a new subject would need a new thread, but I understand how these threads are supposed to be now.

    Thanks again
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