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Does anyone have any experience with zubsolv withdrawal? What am I in for?
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    Default Does anyone have any experience with zubsolv withdrawal? What am I in for?

    I've used opiates (pills and h) off and on for several years. About two years ago I lost my job and health insurance and had to go cold turkey off the subs I was on (about 4mg a day). I remember it was agony and it was weeks until I started to feel normal again. I relapsed, went back on subs, and then my health insurance decided to force people to switch to zubsolv. Unfortunately, history has repeated itself. I got laid off in August and my health insurance just changed- they cover squat. With no money for any other options, I had to go cold turkey. Does anyone have any idea how the wd compares to subs? I was taking 5.7mg a day. I swear to everything out there I will never go on these damned medications again.

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    Default 5.7 mg Zubsolv = 8 mg Subxone/Subutex/Generic Buprenorphine

    I have been on Zubsolv for the past 2 months. The 5.7 mg formulation of Zubsolv is equal to 8 mg of Suboxone or any other generic sublingual buprenorphine formulations. This will allow you to compare to others experiences jumping off at 8mg Suboxone, which is likely to be rather uncomfortable. If possible, get another months worth or even just a few weeks and go as long in between doses as possible while also taking the smallest amount needed for you to be "comfortable". This is not exactly an ideal way to taper (Reducing 25% every 4-5 days once you are stable) but it will help the severity when compared to simply jumping off at such a high amount.

    This is my first post here and hope it helps. If anyone feels the need to correct me, please do so as I am in this to learn as well.

    Best wishes,

    Brett L.
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    I've been on Suboxone/Zubsolve for 3 1/2 years now (Tramadol addiction prior to that) and have been stuck at taking six 1.4mg tablets a day (2 tablets, 3 times a day). I want to start weaning off these but I can't get motivated enough. it is like this medication has sapped my willpower and I've gotten used to all the terrible side-effects because it keeps things "balanced". I'm logging in after a couple years absence on this board just to say "i'm here" and hope that something kick starts me getting off this med.

    How did cold turkey go?

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