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Down to 10mg methadone. Bupe not an option.
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    Default Down to 10mg methadone. Bupe not an option.

    Hey guys. I'll get right to the point. 2 years ago i started methadone maintenance at 70mg. I am now at 10mg. I am desperate to get off, however every thing I have found says to seriously consider getting on bupe once on a low methadone dosage. For different reasons, this is not possible for me. I know that many forums say to go down 10% MAX every blah blah , but my clinic only does 5mg per decrease. Honestly so far I havent had tooooo much trouble, but this last one (15 to 10mg) wasnt too great. I have researched getting oral syringes to do 1mg at a time but, I don't know. Would going from 10 to 5, and then 5 to 0 really be thatttt bad considering I haven't had that big a problem yet? I mean my last decrease was over 40% and it was not unbearable or anything. Also, I cant get prescribed any benzos or anything like that. MAYBE clonidine (the blood pressure med) but thats it. Just trying to find out what I am in for. Thanks guys!
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    Hey Nogills
    Welcome. Congrats on getting down to 10 mg. i also was on methadone. No, you don't have to take subs to detox. You're doing just fine! Yes, it's challenging but you seem to be handling it well. 5 mg drops are big enough and if u want to decrease by 1 mg, that's ok. I did it that way too.
    You can jump at 5 mg or less. Clonidine might be ok. Drink a lot of water to flush out the methadone since it's such a long-acting chemical.
    Very proud of you getting down so low in dose. Now, keep going! This is the fight of your life! Stay focused on the goal and know that ur not alone! And I promise you, this is the best thing u can do for yourself. Post when u like...

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