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Dr gave me a cocktail of drugs for opiate withdrawal. Experiences please
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    Cool Dr gave me a cocktail of drugs for opiate withdrawal. Experiences please

    Hello everybody,

    This is long, please hang in there.

    As the title states. I'm trying to kick an opiate addiction. Stupid that the dr gave me all this >>>> when I told him the hardest part is the cravings but whatever. Anyhoo, here is my list. If anyone has done this can you tell me how I should take it all. I really can't be walking around like a damn zombie all day long (benzo's are not my DOC and I don't really notice anything while on them) and did any of this stuff even help any of you?

    Mainly I would like to know how these things made you feel while on them (sick, tired, dizzy,etc) Thanks

    So the doc said he was gonna give me diazepam but I get generic librium (25 mg) - I already have an Alprazolam (.5)
    Will the .25 librium be less potent than my already .5 alprazolam? Can I take this during the day or will I be out like a light?

    Next I get clonidine, I googled this and it should help with the RLS, did it help with yours? Did you get real dizzy on this? Could you tell that you had medicines in your system? I was thinking of just taking this during the day but I don't want to be sick to my stomach.

    And lastly I have vistaril? I have NO IDEA why they gave me this, I don't even remember the doc mentioning this at all. I googled it and it says it's a anti histamine but the bottle says it's for anxiety?
    Why would they give two things for anxiety?
    Also, anti histamines like Benadryl make me have RLS even when I'm not w/d so I'm thinking I should take this one at all?

    Any help would be great! Thank. You

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    Hi there.
    They are using visitaril now for axxiety when I went into detox they were giving that instead of Xanex.
    It is not a benzo may be the better of the 2 because you don't get as tired and not addicting
    It is also used as an antiemetic for nausea..
    Librium is for alcohol withdrawals usually every 3-4 hr in the beginning then start to taper.
    I would try the vistaril first for anxiety because it is the least concerning being an addict ..
    Did he give you 25 mg capsules?
    I am not a dr but this is not my first rodeo!
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