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Dronabinol (THC) & Oxycodone combination questions (got both from doctor)
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    Default Dronabinol (THC) & Oxycodone combination questions (got both from doctor)

    Hi, I have been a chronic pain patient for 8 years now. Made my way through all the typical treatments, without any success. Been on one opioid or the other for 6 years (the only thing that lessened it a little). I am now getting Oxycodone and my doctor added Dronabinol (THC) recently. Now, all the doctors seem to have NO CLUE about the drug. I asked different doctors ( they work at the "pain clinic" which consists of 3 half time doctors and one nurse) a few things about THC, but they didnt seem to know:
    -How long does it take for THC taken orally to take effect
    -How long does the effect of THC last approximately (found only 6 hours for the "high" but nothing on pain, maybe one here knows)
    -what would be an average dosage for mild to severe pain (he just said up to 100mg)
    -Just out of curiosity: How much THC is in a joint and how many mg taken orally have the same effect as via inhalation?
    -google says withdrawal is possible, could it result in a horrible headache few hours afte the last dose?
    I cant sleep, when I take more than 2.5mg THC, so I need to know, if it could be withdrawal

    And one last question:
    Can Oxycodone lessen the analgetic potential of local anesthesia? Had problems at the dentist since I changed to oxy.

    The THC makes it easier for me to eat right and hold my weight, it also helps keeping the pain down another notch, so I'd like to keep taking it, but there is not much information on this combination, so, anything you can tell me about THC-Opioid combinations is appreciated.

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    Hey Maiq
    Welcome. Sorry i can't answer ur questions but i just wanted to drop by and let u know i saw ur post. Read read read.
    If the doctors don't know--begin ur own search for info, like u did here. Someone will come on and address this issue.
    Hang in there...

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