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Feeling inspired by old thread, I am quitting, NOW.
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    Default Feeling inspired by old thread, I am quitting, NOW.

    Disclaimer: I am new to this site, I don't know all of the bells and whistles yet, please bear with me and let me know if i am doing anything wrong.

    I felt inspired by an old thread ( I'm sure there is a better way to link, but like I said i am new. I spent about 3 hours reading this entire 20 page thread, at the end feeling like i knew the frequent posters, and i decided i wanted to do the same: stop using opiates, fast, with a little help from suboxone. The OP of this thread was successful, albeit a miracle or fluke, and i want to try the same thing he did, why not? Can't hurt.

    A little background info. I am a 26 yr old male, 145 lbs, the first time i took an opiate was probably 10 years ago, about 2 yeas ago it became an addiction, instead of indulging on a weekend it worked its way into my weekdays, and the past year it has been all day everyday, with the last 6 months being the worst.

    I am going to try to break down my usage monthly (30 days) from the past year (previous to 1 year you could cut these amounts in half, and previous to 2 years in half again, after that i only used opidates sparingly maybe 4-7 times a month. To give a better idea of how/what/when i use:

    I'd say 20 days out of the month i am using hydrocodone 100-150mgs per day, 40mg per dose
    7 days out of the month i am using oxycodone, insufflated 100-150mgs per day, 30mg per dose.
    3 days out of the month i am using whatever other opiates i can find, or i am curled up in a ball in withdrawal mode.
    First dose within 1 hour of waking up, last dose at about 10pm, in between is a hurricane of eating, snorting, plugging anything and everything to maintain my high throughout the day.

    After reading the thread i linked so poorly for you above, i wanted to try the same. I have access to suboxone and i want to try to use this for the first 4-5 days weaning after day 1, which was today.

    Day 1: 8:00am woke up sick, per usual, sweating, hot, cold, zero appetite, zero energy, instead of a fat Tim Allen line of oxy, or eating hydrocodone cereal, i dissolved 2mgs of suboxone under my tongue. Within 30 minutes, all withdrawal symptoms subside and i feel really good, but not high in the least. Go on about my day, start getting some minor withdrawl symptoms at about 4pm and at 5:00pm, 2mgs of sub. All symptoms subside. 10:30pm 0.25mg of xanax to sleep.

    Day 2: I plan on taking 1.5mgs of sub at 6am (when i start work) and another 1.5mgs at about 4pm.
    Day 3: I plan on taking 1mg of sub at 6 am and another 1mg of sub at about 4pm
    Day 4: 0.5 mg of sub at 6 am and another 0.25 at 4pm
    Day 5: 0.25 mg of sub at 6am and that is all i plan on taking which is pending.
    Day 6: I plan on waking up feeling not so good, but then again, not as bad as stopping cold turkey. I will take vitamins, exercise, maintain positivity and keep myself occupied mentally and physically.

    I want to do this. Is this the right way? Probably not. But is it A way? Yes and i dont see any harm in trying. If it doesnt work out i will see a sub doctor and start a plan. Bottom line is i am quitting. I will no longer have a tiny little pill run my life. I cant do it anymore. I am doing this for no one else but myself. Selfish? Yes, but that is all that matters to me right now. Luckily i am blessed to be able to work from home, have a dog, which i imagine will help tremendously with this entire process. And is partly the reason why my addiction got out of hand in the first place. As you can imagine working from home, it is just that much easier to use all day everyday.

    I understand i will probably attract some scrutiny and some negativity trying to do this MY way, and please, let me have it (Robert325 lol). I welcome any and all comments, anytihng at all that will help or encourage or make me consider new options or whatever it may be, i welcome your comments with open arms. I will try my best to keep updating this thread daily with my progress, this is something that i think will help me through the process, so please feel free to join me!

    PS- if RB3, FCGaels, and notorious from the above thread i linked are out there reading, lurking, you guys are my inspiration, and i hope i see some comments from you guys. You 3 are the reason i am trying to do this.

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    I should have stated this above: My last dose was at about 5pm the day before "Day 1 of sub"

    Day 2: Woke up feeling not so bad, probably bc the subs are still very much in my system. Regardless I am sticking to the plan, 1.5mg of sub at about 6am. 30 min later (now) ready to take on the day!

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    I have re-posted this same thread on "Need to Talk" so if anyone knows how to delete this, please let me know. I don't want to be that guy with duplicate threads as my first, and second posts. Thanks!

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    Hi john. I did the same thing myself today. I realized I wanted to stop. My story is in post but I was curious on how it went. I am tapering my self day 2 but with no sub. Just lowered my dose.
    Hope you made it through! ✌️

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    Also if your still on this site. I would like to talk to you maybe you can help me out

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