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    I went to rehab for opiate addiction in mid 2014... I was mainly addicted to oxycodone (90-120) mg a day. I started to take subutex/suboxone towards the end of that period of addiction. When I got to the rehab they administered 300mg of neurontin (Gabapentin) and it was amazing. It calmed me and most importantly it seemed to subdue my legs. The RLS is the worst part of withdrawal, sometimes it's as if I have restless body syndrome. I'm currently coming off of suboxone, I've successfully tapered to 18.75 mg... For anyone familiar with sub that is literally a crumb. I attempted to go cold turkey a couple of months back, from 6-8mg daily, and I had some gaba with me. I had been taking it on and off prior to deciding to get sober again, but only 300mg and only when I couldn't get sub. For whatever reason the neurontin didn't help this past time and I felt the full pain that is Buprenorphine withdrawal. I've searched thoroughly for a similar thread but alas, I found none. Why didn't it help like it did before? I haven't taken any in two months. I do remember taking 900mg before I felt any withdrawal symptoms... Should I wait until I'm experiencing said symptoms? I'm very hopeful someone somewhere can help. I just want to stop suboxone and not look back. Thanks for your time.

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    Kyle: Welcome to the board: are you saying that you are taking .1875mg of sub? How long have you been at that dose? Are you stable there or do you have symptoms? I do understand why you had such a hard time jumping from around 8mg. daily: that's a load of sub and subs are extremely strong, the half life is around 48-60 hours. Yeah, jumping that much sub would make you really sick, sicker than oxy w/d for sure. As far as why the gabapentin will not work as a "miracle" cure for w/d symptoms, I will say, I never heard of it working the way you say it worked in rehab, unless you put yourself into some type of precipitated w/d using the sub to come off the oxy? You are in a far better position now to stop the sub with minimal w/d. You can take your dose one step further down to .125mg. and then start skipping days until the sub is out of your body, or if you are good and stable on the .1875mg. you can start skip days with that. You should be feeling little to no w/d symptoms before you begin skipping days.

    I am sorry I can't answer your questions about the gabapentin. Go to the sub board and look up the taper plan at the top of the board. You could also post questions there. Good luck!!



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