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Gabapentin Taper?
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    Default Gabapentin Taper?

    Hi, i'm taking Gabapentin and want to stop. I was on 300mg three times a day, and have successfully tapered down to 100mg 3x daily. I take one dose when I wake up, one after lunch, and one before dinner. What should be my next step? I'm thinking either
    1. eliminating the middle of the day dose, so that would take me down to 200mg daily.
    2. dropping down to 50mg, 3x daily.

    The catch with #2 is that the Gabapentin is in capsule form and my local pharmacy says they don't make anything smaller than 100mg. But I could empty out half the powder from the capsule.


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    I was on Lyrica for 6 years starting on a low dose and ending up on 300mg x 3 p.d. Then one day I discovered that max dose was supposed to be only 300mg x 2 p.d or 600mg p.d. So I instantly cut down to 2 x a day.. wasn't so bad. Then a couple of years ago I ran out of meds whilst abroad.. so I could see it coming so I started splitting the 300's in half and pouring the powder into ciggy papers for the last few weeks of been away and it was a bit uncomfortable but I did it! and I've been on 150mg x 2 p.d. since. and am thinking of cutting down again too, soon! Do it, give it ago...maybe try to take a couple of paracetamol as well a few times a day for a bit.. It's nowhere near as hard as trying to cut down Fentanyl. Which is where I'm really at now.. I will do it somehow! Good luck! Be strong!

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