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Getting off of Adderall: Experiences??
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    Default Getting off of Adderall: Experiences??

    Hi, I did see a couple of posts about Adderall but they are over a year old, so I'm sure no one will be following them.

    I am wondering if anyone here has experienced going off of Adderall, going through the process, or has any interest. I'll see if any is "here" before going into a long story.

    I have been on Adderall for 14 years and it helps me, however I am always nervous because it is not liked at all by the medical profession, and I feel like I need to be able to live without it in case someday I am forced to.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry that I don't know much about aderall but if it were me, i would tell my prescribing physician that i want off and see what they recommend as the safest path. Let us know what u discover.
    You're right about stopping. Life will be better off it!

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    Yes!! I personally weaned myself off of Adderall during the end of last year and completed the wean in January. I developed a wean schedule for myself, stuck to it and supplemented with L-Tyrosine during the last few weeks, when down to low dosages. I tried cold turkey and literally felt paralyzed, depressed, basically HELPLESS. The wean was super successful. I was taking 20-25mg IR Adderall daily. I dropped my dosage every Saturday. Here is the wean schedule that worked for me, beginning with week 1:
    25 > 20 > 15 > 10 > 7.5 > 5 > 2.5 > 1.25 > 0

    How many mgs are you on daily?

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