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Getting off opiates with kaiser so cal
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    Default Getting off opiates with kaiser so cal

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or experience with this. I am a kaiser so cal patient and have been with pain management for the last 5-6 years. I am rx'd 120 7.5mg hydro and tramadol each month. This hasn't cut it for years and i've taken to buying on the street for a long time now. I would like to get off of everything opiate based and would like the dr to help me without cutting me off and banning me from pain killers forever. My dr is not aware of my addiction and I would prefer to just tell him that I want to get off of these medications but can not deal with the withdrawal. He had mentioned at one appointment about methadone.

    Will methadone help avoid w/d's and is it something I can use to taper down and just get off of this stuff. I'm at the point where I will so/take whatever to get off of this stuff, get my life and my financial freedom back.

    What should i ask my dr for to help get me off as comfortable as possible? He's a great dr and I'm sure if I had an idea of my own and a plan he would probably go with it to get me off the medication and out of the program. I have 3 small children and a husband who depend on me to function and i can not spend a week or more laid up in w/d and it will cause me to keep using to avoid that.

    I know there's no magic cure or pill to get off this stuff, I just need to be able to function and live my life. I will deal with the pain that landed me in pain management in the first place as the pain is far less than the addiction it's self.

    ANY help would be wonderful.

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    I am from so cal too.
    Familiar with Kaiser..
    I tried to. Get off pills with methadone.
    Methadone is 100 x more addicting ..
    I never believed it but is is true.

    Ask for suboxone...

    Check out the induction phase and taper schedule on the suboxone sticky on the suboxone treatment board in this forum..
    After methadone for 10 years.
    I am finally 37 days clean from everything 9.5 months clean from methadone..

    I stay on sub 9.5 months by choice ..
    I needed to make some other changes so I took the Long way of tapering ..

    But it can be done much quicker and not 100% painless but definetly doable and able to function..

    If you induce at the lowest dose of sub necessary you will be ok..

    100s of us haved used the taper I suggested to you .
    With great success..
    Check it out and let me know what you think?

    There is life after opiate addiction..
    It is most definitely worth fighting for!
    Take care
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    Will Kaiser put me on a taper schedule and a medication to taper with or am I on my own with it?

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    Kaiser will..

    My best friend is on Kaiser tapering ..
    I would not let them taper you though .
    They like most drs start and keep patients on too high off a dose..
    If you check out the thread I told you about ..
    Hundreds of us have done that and succeeded..
    Just get your prescription I promise we can walk you through it..
    There are sucvessful people on here that will stay by you through it all..
    We have experience that drs only read about ...

    You do have to be in withdrawal for a couple days before you can start..
    You have to reach 26 on the COWS scale ..
    Clinical opiate withdrawal scale because if you aren't you will put your self in Precipitaded withdrawals..
    Meaning the sub will knock all the opiates you have in your body off the receptor sites at one time..

    I have read many cases on here that drs have put patients into PW..

    Make sure your dr uses that scale or we will help you use it..
    Please don't let that scare you ..
    It is doable ..

    The absolute best decision I have ever made going on to sub and then using this taper to jump..
    I cannot copy and paste the info for you but it is at the top of the suboxone treatment board on a sticky ..

    Let us know what you think..

    The original pain this started with is easily controlled with OTC meds

    Take care
    Bette/ iluv2
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