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Getting off Zyrtec, living hell
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    Default Getting off Zyrtec, living hell


    I have been using Zyrtec since 5th december, so roughly 4 months. (Zyrtec is an anti histamine).

    It started with that I got home from school, and I suddenly just started itching all over my body, but this was different than normal itching, when I scratched, it just started to itch more and more and more, and my skin turned red and I got white bumps where I scratched (hives I think they are called). It just didn't stop so I went to the pharamacy and asked for something and they gave me zyrtec.

    When I took Zyrtec, it stopped itching. My skin turns red randomly over my body when I'm in contact with ANYTHING when I'm on the zyrtec pill, but however it doesnt itch and I dont get white bumps.

    I've realized I have become a slave to this pill, because whenever it stops all hell breaks loose again...

    I want to find the cause, but I realize I need to stop taking this pill to be able to find out what caused the itching in the first place.

    I'm now on the 2nd day of the zyrtec pill having weared off, and this night was hell, itching on my back during sleep etc, would greatly appreciate any tips to help make this period bearable, and also a time estimate for how long I need to be off the pill before I can find out what caused the itching in the first place.

    I'm a healthy 22 year old, working out 5-6 times a week consistantly.

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    You need to see a doctor about this and get a proper diagnosis.

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