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Getting ready for percocet detox at home /it's fun till it's not fun anymore
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    I agree, but the leg pain is killing me. I'm proud of you. Thanks for the hope

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    Just wanted to join this thread....

    I had a slip myself. Bounce back!!

    So presently I'm 3 days since my last intake of 15mg Perks. So I been using again the past 3 months daily after stopping for 14 months of a good 5 year habbit of prescribed pills.

    I'm on day 3 of not using again. The WD symptoms this time around are not like I had 17 months ago when I stopped. I was stupid to think back in March taking a couple Perks would be no big deal. Well it was because like you and alot of people it has consumed my life again. Nothing is worth doing unless we take a perc first. Well I pissed away alot money and in the end all I did was pay a drug dealers bills and neglect mine!!

    So I wanted to mention my treatment which led to 14 months clean before I relapsed. I went on a shot called Vivitrol which did wonders. It's an opiate blocker. A shot u get every month. It takes away cravings but also gives a psychological edge knowing u can't take percs with it in your system. I am scheduled to start back on it next Thursday. If no one has heard of it....research "Vivitrol" I was OK until 2 months after stopping it after a year until my doctor left the treatment center I was going to. But luckily I have found her and looking forward to getting back on track.

    Hope your doing OK. You got this

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    Here is the Receipe minus the benzo
    The suggestions work great!

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