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Going in For Surgery
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    Default Going in For Surgery

    I am closing in on day 4 of quitting a 2 year addiction to Norco. This is following a few years sober after several years of Percocet addiction. Feeling pretty bad right now. All the usual withdrawal symptoms. I’ve been here before and I know this is a great forum with lots of great ideas and experience from genuinely kind people. Thanks for all the great posts I’ve been reading all day. It’s really helping me get through this. I doubt I would be considering quitting the Norco, but I’ve got shoulder surgery scheduled a few weeks out and the orthopedist wants me a few weeks clean so the pain killers they give me will be effective. Now that I realize the pit of addiction I’ve been in, I’m done being drugged. I am worried that my post op recovery will take some pain management with opiates. Any advice is appreciated on how should handle the surgery recovery. I think my big question is, will I have the intensity of the withdrawals even after I take opiates for a few days. My bigger question is how do avoid relapsing into my old addiction. Hopefully someone out there has some experience with this or at least some advice. Thanks.

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    Hi. I lost a big chunk of my leg to sepsis and the related surgeries. I had about 20 years drug free. I was given a lot of pain meds, in and out of the hospital, and to make a long story short, I developed a fierce addiction with several withdrawals and relapses. I don’t think there was a graceful way it could have transpired though. However, once I was able to stay clean, I had to have follow-on surgery, and was very leery of the whole process. I explained the whole 20 years clean, the ups and downs of the meds and rekindling of my addiction to my surgeon, and decided to forego take-home opiates. I went through some minor withdrawals again, as I was given dilaudid post-op and a few times in my room, but switched to Ketorolac before I went home. Trust me, I argued for more opiates at first. Once I got home though, there were only a few moments I felt I needed anything stronger than ibuprofen. I did go through restlessness and insomnia for a few days, stomach upset, etc, but it was all minimal compared to the nightmare I lived through following the bigger surgeries. I think I would have gotten take home opiates if I’d not have said anything, and it would have been worse on me.

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