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Going to try to taper off Norco
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    Default Going to try to taper off Norco

    hello. Im a 41 year old mom of an amazing 10 yr old son and 15 year old daughter. I have had an addiction to Norco, used to be vicodin or loritabs for about 12 years now. The most ive taken in a day is 30 mg. ive been steady on at least 1 10 mg a day habit for the last few years. I suffer from anxiety, and i think i use the norco for anxiety more than anything else. Dont know why it calms me, because im sure the dependency on it caused my anxiety in the first place. I know my addiction is small compared to some. But i read about withdrawal and it scares me. I do have pinched nerves in my neck due to my occupation, as well as back and hip pain from an accident when i was a kid. Ultimately, i would love to be off of them, as im not getting the effects i used to and i find myself at a crossroads. Kick it or go down that slippery slope. Hoping someone has had a similar experience and can offer some advice

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    Indeed it is a small dose so withdrawals are not the horror show you fear. Mind you they aren't fun, but you can do it. Cold turkey would be what I'd do. Take a week off and plan to have "the flu". Read about the Thomas recipe here but don't use the benzo. You are right about the anxiety being caused by the drug so if you recognize that your fear of withdrawal is supercharged by anxiety it is easier not to let it get the best of you.

    You will need to want to do this because it's been a long time and you have a deep habit of the pills. I encourage you to read stories on this board and stay for support and consider finding an NA or AA meeting in your area. If you go through cold turkey, that might be the easy part. The hard part will be staying away from the pills afterwards because of the lingering lethargy that is a normal part of healing.

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    Hey, Gotta......

    I agree with Thisweek.....just put in your mind you have the will be fine. And try to keep mindlessly busy.....stupid movies, etc. One woman on here suggests a jigsaw puzzle......and that's a great idea. You are a young woman, you will be able to beat this and move on. Keep posting for support, we've all been there.

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    Thank you for replying. I have read on this forum for a few years now. Thats why i was hesitant to pist, as the pills i have taken were minimal compared to others. But, addiction is addiction. I just quit smoking ciggarettes 7 months ago. I know i can do it, but it is very comforting to have a place to go and vent, and not be judged. My husband needs double shoulder replacements so the pills are going to be around. They have been quite accessible to me for the duration. I have gone up to 10 mg 3 times a day, but only when i have severe pain from my neck issues. The others, i time a day, was totally mental. My husband still smokes ciggarettes, so im not so worried about the temptation of them being around. Usually when i decide im done, im done. I havent had anxiety for about 5 years, until i started putting pressure on myself about quitting the meds. Taking a week off for "the flu" is not an option for me.

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    You can do this! Ive detoxed from that amount before and here's a something I've learned. What you said about the pills helping anxiety (which I totally get...they do the same for me) got me thinking.
    You should probably be prepared for your anxiety to increase a bit, at least for a while. This is only temporary. Don't let it trick you into going back to the pills. I've fallen for that one a couple of times before. I get how the hydro calms anxiety. It does the same for me. And when you haven't had to feel it for several years because of the pills, those feelings become very foreign and we perceive them as worse than they are. Im going through this myself while tapering. I promise it will go away eventually.
    Good luck with your detox and keep us posted. I believe you will do it!
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