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Have lupus and been on high doses of Oxy for years. Afraid the pain will be unbearab.
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    Default Have lupus and been on high doses of Oxy for years. Afraid the pain will be unbearab.

    I'm gonna have pain for the rest of my life. The Oxy makes it a little more bearable but I don't like being addicted. I have CT many times and the worst part of it is that the pain I was treating comes back with a vengeance along with the WD symptoms. What do I do?

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    Hi Tammi, I don't know what kind of pain you are in or what your needs might be, so I say this from personal experience and with zero judgment. Opiates make our pain seem worse. This is pronounced when we are trying to get clean. Our brains will do almost anything to get the fix they want, including messing with our pain signals. I've experienced this many times. The good news is that it isn't usually permanent. It just takes time for you brain to reset. Every person is different, but it takes me over a month after getting clean for the pain signals to "adjust." Im not saying that one day you'll wake up and be pain free. I have permanent pain too from degenerative disc disease. I know what Mrs like when it's always there in some form. Im just saying that during your detox it may seem worse. If you really want to know whether you can handle the pain without opiates, you'll have to wait until you've been clean a while. If this is truly what you want, then I encourage you to try! Push through those tough times.We will cheer you on. Just don't let how you feel in detox be a basis for your long term decision. I dont know how much better things will get, but I know they WILL get better with time. I am tapering from my DOC right now and have some similar concerns. Good luck to you!

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