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Have no clue whats going on
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    Default Have no clue whats going on

    I been on subs for close to 3 years now. My current does is 8mg bid daily and a 1/2 film at night. I never need the 1/2 so it always gives me 10 extra spares a month.
    The other night I woke up drenched in sweat **Bad**....i thought at first I was in withdrawal and after i thought about it nothing was different or went wrong with dosing that day or the day before. Also through out the next day my hands and feet are constantly sweating. I called a pharmacist and ask is it remotely possible for my suboxone to be bad. So I ended up taking one of my spares that i got in a different state (Just Relocated) and took the 1/2 film before I laid down
    and still the same thing! Is it possible for ones body to Start to reject the medicine?
    Also I have had no Appetite for the last 2 months and lately i have to force my self to eat, dropped alot of weight. I started to smoke again to help eat.. and that didn't help!
    I have to find a PC in my area so I can go get looked at. I'm not a 100% sure the sweatness
    And the loss of appetite have anything to do with each other.
    Can please someone share if anything like this has happened or is happening to them.
    Again Suboxone has giving me a new lease on life! In the past 3 years i have build my credit back up to a 730.own 2 brand new 2016 vehicles...i have a lovely wife who i been married to for 5 years and who has seen my at my worse when i was in my mess. If i was told 3 years ago that i would have all that and more i would have laughed!
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