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Have a Suboxone/Pain Med dilemma may have screwed myself insight please?
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    Default Have a Suboxone/Pain Med dilemma may have screwed myself insight please?

    Good morning it's my first visit to this discussion forum....any solid advice would be appreciated. Please don't bombard me with negativity I respect everyone on here and have zero judgements I just ask the same in return. It's been a long long month. Before the month started I was on a prescribed dose of 45 mgs of oxycodone in the am and 15 mgs at night with 5/325 hydrocodone twice daily for breakthrough pain. On them for two herniated discs, intractable migraine, and sjorgens syndrome. Anyway I'd been in the oxy for about a year and the hydro for five. Other than the usual annoyances of taking pain med (refill pains, pharmacists that look at you like your scum, constipation) everything was ok. Then my sister died. Of drug overdose. Well, I being the genius that I am freaked out and vowed to get off all my meds and disposed of most of them except enough to taper and I thought I could really do it. I was wrong. I did the taper miserably (about a week and a half) fast I know. I basically just took an oxy 30 when the Wd's became unbearable, same with the few hydros I had. During the course of this I realized how dependent my body was on this medication. I went and saw a suboxone doctor. Paid cash, no insurance. He prescribed 8mg sublingual subs. I have been on them and do not like them. I also bought them at a mom/pop pharmacy paid cash no insurance. We have an appointment next week and I'm taking as little of them as possible and plan to tell him I am no longer interested in sub therapy. Therapy with a counselor yes, but not sub therapy. I also have an appt. with my regular doctor on the 29th. I plan to tell them all the events that have taken place and hopefully she is understanding and won't revoke my prescription. My question is though with the implementation of the PMP in California (where I live) will I still be able to get my regular meds filled even after dropping the sub therapy and being honest with both doctors? It's not the doctors and my situation I'm worried about it's the pharmacies. They are hesitant to fill even valid right on the exact date prescriptions so I'm afraid that if they have a way to see that I gave sub therapy a whirl (even though I found it wasn't for me, but find it helpful for others) they won't fill my script. Anyone with knowledge willing to share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! *~*

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    Let me see if I got
    This straight..

    You went on the sub with sub dr..
    Now you don't want to be on it anymore..

    You are afraid of your PCP
    Denying pain meds because sub
    Is associated with addiction..

    I live in Cal. Too..

    I think you may be right ..
    I haven't tried to get opiates
    For years..
    Other than my prescribed methadone
    When I was on it
    And sub
    From pain management..
    Been off sub almost 6 months
    Methadone almost 14 months..
    I do know that it is really hard to assess your pain
    While on any type of opiate..

    I really thought I would never be able to deal with my
    pain from a car accident years Ago..

    Once I off everything
    The pain is treatable with OTC meds..
    We have a taper here..
    That is almost painless to get off the sub..
    The Thomas Receipe
    which is supplements
    And OTC meds for opiate withdrawals and pain..

    If you would try and do this the way hundreds of us have?
    You may be surprised that the feeling
    Of the pain won't kill us ..
    But the pills can..

    I know they are making it hard to get narcotics..

    If you tried to do it drug free first..
    I think that would help your case too..

    It is so nice
    Not being attached and dependant
    on any pill or film..

    Once that dependency is gone..
    Pain is looked at more objectively..

    Let us know if you would like to do the taper..
    I would be happy to post links for that
    Thomas Receipe..

    Take care
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    Thank you very much for the advice....I will look into the Thomas Recipe. I have a lot of concerns and of course plan to dicuss this whole ordeal with my primary care physician. I have a nasty case of nervousness right now which I'm sure most everyone who had to be one pain medication understands. Thank you for replying

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    Babyash, I've been in a similar situation to you. About 2 years ago I was prescribed 9 5mg oxy. For months I was fine with that and then I found a way to get more. Things went way down hill after that. My parents found out and freaked and to make the long story short I went to the er to have them help me detox. Don't do that unless your 100% serious about staying of the pills for good. They treated me like a complete junky even though I was on prescribed medication from my Dr. Needless to say the ER did nothing for me and sent me home. I called my Dr and he helped me taper down but then decided because I hadn't called him first for help he would no longer write me another script. So after months in pain I started obtaining methadone for pain. On the plus side it does work and doesn't make you do the ups and downs like Norco or oxy but on the down side I've never experienced anything like trying to get off of it. In my opinion unless your serious about getting off no matter how much pain your in I'd suggest not telling your pcp all the things that have gone over the last couple weeks and I would probably consider talking to someone from pain management. Hope you get things worked out.
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    Thank you for the advice confusedx100 I'm definently been weighing the pros and cons of what to on my regular dr visit the 29th. So far the suboxone has treated me ok and I'm doing very normal things and being really efficient which is nice. However I still hurt but it is what it is. I will post again after my dr. appt. Cheers to everyone whose provided insight this has been a crazy month

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