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Help- husband addicted to oxy ir and has cancer
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    Default Help- husband addicted to oxy ir and has cancer

    Please help with some advice or insight. My husband, 49, is addicted to prescribed oxycodone IR. He has herniated discs, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis. He has been on it since 2009. He got diagnosed a month ago with tonsil cancer. It's serious. He is bedridden due to what I think is the oxy cycle. He has pain constantly at a 7/10 even on the oxy, 100 mg per day. He is in bed all the time, and if not has constipation,diarrhea, anxiety, depression. He's up for a day and all night then sleeps for 2 days. Everything revolves around a bowel movement. He eats one meal then skips 8 of them. It seems he is in withdrawal a lot and dr will not give more. The pharmacy is giving a hard time about filling the script. The biggest problem is he needs to get treated for this cancer, and I can hardly get him to any appointment, he is missing appointments, it's been almost 8 weeks and no treatment. We've been to two famous hospitals and they want to treat him for cancer but can't give him pain meds because pain isn't from cancer. No pain mgmt dr wants him because dose is too high. He says he can't detox now he can't be in any more pain. And the cancer treatment will be painful - radiation, maybe chemo. I think his pain is from unhealed PTSD that has manifested physically but at this point it doesn't matter. He needs detox/rehab and we had him going into a chronic pain rehab center but now they can't take him because he has cancer. I don't know what to do. He was already on suboxone prior to this. Methadone? He tried OxyContin er but it's not covered by insurance and he doesn't like it, moods seem extreme and worse. Are there places that treat cancer and addiction inpatient at once? He hasn't worked for years.
    thank you.

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    Hello, I'm sorry to hear everything you're going through, sounds like a very tough situation to be in! I would at least suggest that if don't get some answers here in this forum to move you're thread or start a new thread in the "Need To Talk" forum, it seems to have more traffic/activity over there. Good luck and God bless you and yours!
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    Me again I pushed the wrong button, but between the bowl meds and the fentanyl he should improve, and the counseling will help him to, to get out of his head all the stress he has, be supportive, and understanding, that he is having pain, and when no one believes you, especially the spouse it can do a lot of damage and add a lit more stress that will cause problems in his blood and cancer to get worse. For anxiety the hydroxine 50 mg 3 x a day. At first it will make him tired but it only last a couple of days. After that no stress don't put expectations on him from hear out, be supportive, like you would want to be treated if you were him. I know people get frustrated with the ones that are sick, so just be supper kind and remind who he will be losing if he doesn't help himself. No one can say how much pain he is having but him. I would not doubt.. if you don't take bowel medicine yes it does cause more back and stomach pain.
    I really believe the fentanyl will work for him and you, and you will see a difference. If the pain gets worse with the cancer medicine,like I said before they can raise it up, till he is done with the cancer treatment.
    Plus he needs to start feeling better, and pain in control for him to start doing the cancer treatment and wanting to live. At this point being in so much pain he probably doesn't care, and with no one helping him only adds to the depression, anxiety, and probably could care less if he lives or dies.
    No one wants to live in pain.

    I was on methadone over other drugs, because it doesn't make you have euphoria affect, I could think clear. And it covered my pain, u have to take it 3x a day. And you start low and go up. Don't forget the bowel medicine. But it is all over the board as to what other meds you have with it, and just like when I get wanted off because of people's idea if they know you are on. They treat you like you are some drug addict, so that's why I switched, I had no problems, if I had pain I took my oxy, till I got to 75= now I'm not using them hardly at all..
    I know I talk slot but I hope this did help you too. Good luck.

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