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Help! Just started subs 5 days ago...
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    Default Help! Just started subs 5 days ago...

    Long story short.... (I don't want another addiction). I took opiates for over 13 years. Checked into a treatment program (which seems more like a money making business) I need help off the pills but certainly don't want another addition (subs). I started:
    Day one - 4 mg subs
    Day two- 6 mg subs
    Day three 6 mg subs
    Day four 6 mg subs
    Day five 6 mg subs

    Can anyone help me on a tapering schedule that will have me completely done by August. (Approx. 3 months). Thank you so much!!! My life depends on this!!!

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    Hello, welcome to the forum. I pasted a link below for Robert's sub taper plan. It has proven to be a great success for many, many people! You must induct properly and follow the plan to a "T"... Best wishes. You can do this! Keep posting and updating your thread? Take care. God bless us all!
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    Bite the bullet. Go cold turkey. It will be misery for the first week. Then gets better. This the fastest way to get off. Everyone else that wants to help, charges a lot of money.

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    Given your history I would not rush to get off Suboxone. I would taper down to a respectable dose (2mg or less) using the taper plan linked above but after 13 years of opiate use it may be a good idea to stabilize your life a bit. I am in the process of tapering off subs now but I have been on them for years. That time allowed me to put so much distance between now and my drug addiction that I cant even imagine going back to drugs. For me Suboxone allowed me to get an education, get a great job, get married, and have children without having to worry about losing it all through street drugs. While I was in active addiction I kicked in rehab several times and got completely clean but always wound up relapsing because I still had the same thinking.
    Obviously I don't know your situation and if you aren't worried about relapse then I would recommend the taper plan. Why go cold turkey if you don't have too? If you were going to just kick it would have been better to do it before you started taking the subs. If you are worried about relapse though I would consider just staying on a low dose of suboxone for a while and put some distance between you and your active addiction.
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    You never mentioned how many pills u were taking. 6 mg of sub is a hefty dose and i see u increased dose from 4 mg. If you're going to do a sub taper, read the SubTherapy sticky at the top of the Sub Treatment forum. It will explain a great deal. You can drop that high dose. Probably go right down to 3 mg and taper from there.
    Less is more with subs. That is, more subs don't make us feel better. We strongly suggest people induct at the Lowest Effective Dose. Six mg is a high dose in sub world.
    Post when u can. Here to help you. You can do this but do it right so u never have to go through a sub taper again.
    Read that Sub Treatment plan asap.
    Choosing to detox is a great start. You can do this. Thousands of us have succeeded. No one ever said "Wish i'd stayed addicted!"

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