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help with opiate withdrawals
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    Default help with opiate withdrawals

    Ok I realized on my own that I let these pills ruin my life just bout. I got kicked out of military cause of them but was my fault. More or less looking for advice I been muscling it on my own I came from oxy 30s 3 times a day all the way down to vicodin then stopped and only took tramadol. I stop narcotics 14 days ago I'm on my 4th day no tramadol. Realized I was abusing ambein to beat opiates took 5 10 mg ambein last night. Now my question I'm on day 4 my pain no prob which is a huge jump seeing that pain got me into this whole Mrs when I hurt my back in Iraq. Headache I can live's where I am worried....I took 1 anti diarrhea 4 days ago and 1 last night but no diarrhea. But I'm getting bad stomach pains I took gas meds didn't help. Ginger ale helps a lol but should I be worried I need honest info situation I put my family in when I let these pain killers over take me is long as I can live and make enough money to at least get my family stable again I'm not worried about it. But same time I'm no use dead.... and I can't afford to miss any school or I will get dropped and not get my cdl meaning no income. And before its suggested I already using every state assistance they will give a veteran which is not much other then insurance and food. My parents and other family are putting themselves under keeping a roof over me and my kids I said I am on my last chance so I can only go to er if it's life or death. I can't afford to miss school.

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    1. What exactly are you taking? I mean right now? 2. How much tramadol had you been taking before you jumped and when did you jump? Ambien: how long and how much?

    You are abusing medication after medication to beat opiate addiction. If you are not having bm problems stop the Immodium. No need. You may be having a reaction from the tramodol. Tramadol is an opiate derivative with an SSRI uptake effect (like an anti-depressant). Sounds like tram w/d to me, but I'm no doc. How much tram?



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    Long story short I used to take so much tramadol I gave myself a seizure twice... when I stepped down from narcotics I started about 8 a day from last Mon till 4 a day 4 days ago then I ran out, truth is I'm not as smart as I thought I got lucky I realized I became dedicated to quiting 14 days ago but I failed to realize I was abusing ambein till last night when I took the highest amount I ever remembered key word remembered which was 5 10 mgs, and still only slept about 6 hours. I realized today I can't use sleep pills like that so I started taking melatonin pills, just 1 and a lik nightquil to help me sleep and hopefully stop my coughing and sneezing which I know can be a side effect. Basically I been going at this half on my own and half with doctors, I've told doctors truth about opiates but not about sleep pills based off what I thought I learned in rehab which I can't do they gave me klonipin and ambein to put me under, I've never liked benzodiazepines but it helped so I thought it was ambein and loaded up on it thinking I could win like a video game.... I still think I can I won't give up, I stop Imodium and took a laxative to see if it helps so far nothing still have pain but it's not unbearable yet.... I just trying to get advice I know I have to help my body beat this but at same time I put my kids which are 2 and 4 in this style of life, not that they been neglected, thanks to help I got so far, but it's my job to get them out of this before it becomes a problem and I'll do it even if I damage my body I just need to get to where I can financially get all my family sound then worry about the rest, it might sound stupid but I know my family can help with raising and teaching if they couldn't I wouldn't have ever learned but same time it a the money which sounds stupid but it's not. I don't want to much money for them just enough that they can learn what I learned but even faster and better.

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