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Help PLEASE I am out of methadone until Thurs will I be OK till then?
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    Default Help PLEASE I am out of methadone until Thurs will I be OK till then?

    I an new here and have read a lot of post. I'm on methadone due to chronic pain and addiction. Been on it for almost 3 years. I got up to 170 at the clinic. I got down to 120 which I have a Dr now that prescribes it in pill form. So this is the first time that I have run out early. I'm freaking myself out. I already suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I took 80 on sat 60 sun 40 Mon and 20 today I have one more 10mg that I want to take today so then tomorrow I'll have nothing if I take it but I doubt 10 mg will do anything tomorrow.... ugh. I Just need some support and advice here..... I have some wds right now at night it seams to be worse so last night I took a clonodine and klonopin plus smoked weed. I slept had some sweating not bad and my tummy has been growling. My mind is consumed with it and I hate it...... I'm trying to watch tv and keep busy. I just am so afraid that it is going to hit me hard and I have to keep it together I have kids, a husband and work.

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    As a methadone patient myself (40mgs in am and 40mgs at nighttime) i can completely understand your concern. First thing is methadone has a VERY LONG half life so it will hang around your body for a good not sure how many days your talking about going without but one example i can give you is:
    One time i got caught in a pinch and ran out on a friday night after my 40mg pm dose and could not get my script filled until the following monday...i woke up saturday am and other than just the habit of reaching for my methadone,i was fine all day and night..sunday morning was a little different...i woke up agitated and my bones and joints hurt..not bad but enough to know i needed my methadone.i was a little naseaus and around 1pm i began to yawn uncontrollably (a weird withdrawl symptom that it seems like only i get.By Sunday night on a level of 1-10 my pain was a good 7. i took over the counter sleeping pills and clonodine to sleep...monday morning needless to say,i was at my pharmacy when they opened, so i guess i can go a full two days without it before withdrawl sets in...Hope this helps!
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    Thank you for your response! I am on lower dose now. I also have clonodine klonopin weed imodium so I am on day one with nothing and I took gabapintin cause it helps my mind so hope and pray I make it 3-4 days. IM scared.

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