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help with sub tapper
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    Default help with sub tapper

    Hello,been on large doses of oxy 60 mg.3 a day and 15-20 7.5mg.percs for about 7 years. November 2014 started 8 mg.subxon film strips,ordered one more set of 8 mg/30pcs. last batch ordered oct.29 2mg. /30 here is the problem,i weened down to .025 for the last week before jumping off for good on Fri. So i have not had any sleep since Sat. morning.Today tuesday i saw my doctor about not sleeping and RSL symptom.He gave me a script for ambian and 10 2 mg. stripsof suboxon if needed. Well here it is 2pm wed. night and not sleeping,this is after 5/ 10mg. ambians and still RSG symptoms. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thanks
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    Hi there. First, it would be best to re-post this on the Suboxone Treatment board.

    How did you taper down (reduction amounts, time spent at each dose, etc)? If you tapered too fast or made big reductions, it could likely be the reason you're not feeling well. What are all of your physical symptoms?

    To read the taper plan we have here: go to the Suboxone Treatment board. At the top of this list of threads, the first one is called "Suboxone Therapy". Skip over the induction part and read the taper plan.

    I'll check back.

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