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How I went off 100mg of methadone w/little to no wd's
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    Default How I went off 100mg of methadone w/little to no wd's

    Ok, little background here, I'm 21, been taking painkillers since I was 16 after I broke my arm in 3 places in a snowboarding accident. Vicodin 750's, loooooved the feeling, and you kno how that went from then (5 years ago) to 2 weeks ago, taking 100mg methadone(my DOC) and not even feeling the euphoric high, just noddin. I could take 13( Max dose I ever took) and go see my mom( an ER Nurse) and she wouldn't know.
    Been taking methadone for 3 years now, steadily upping my dose til where I was at 100mg.
    Well I said screw it when it became more to support my addiction than to pay for my home, I have a newborn daughter, she deserves better and so do I.
    Found the Thomas recipe, I took to this route, with my own twist.

    I weaned myself down to 20mg a day of methadone ( if you're addicted you know, 20mg will let you feel normal-ish if you wean down) I did it very aggressively, 10mg every 2 days.

    Maybe I should've went down to 10mg then 5 but I wanted to quit soooo bad I just didn't care.

    Day 1 w/o
    L-tyrosine 1,000mg (All in the AM)
    Vitamin B6 200mg (All in the AM)
    (Take these two together on empty stomach.)
    4 of the GNC mega multi vitamins (2 in AM 2 in PM) doubled up on em...
    (Take the multivitamin with food)
    (These three bottles of pills costed me $26 out the door)
    Fish oil 2400mg from nature made (2 of the LEMON flavored pills) I hate the other ones that give you the nasty fish breath.
    And I know you'll think I'm crazy, but I went for a 3 mile walk and felt FANTASTIC afterwards. Took some whey protein when I got home, dunno if that'll do anything.
    After the walk, sat in the bathroom with shower blistering Hot with 3 sweatshirts and 2 pairs or sweatpants on (made it a steam room) sat in there till I sweated like craaaazy. If you have access to a sauna that'd prolly be better
    Went to sleep with 50mg diphenhydramine(Benadryl)

    Day 2
    L-tyrosine 2,000mg (All in the AM)
    Vitamin B6 200mg (All in the AM)
    4 mega multivitamin GNC (2 AM, 2 PM)
    Fish oil 2400mg
    IMMODIUM 8mg YOU WILL NEED IT, You don't want a bleeding asshole now do you?????
    And I purchased (20) 2 mg valiums, these don't make me drowsy unless I already am, but I still took 2 at night along with 50mg Benadryl to sleep.

    I worked all day this day, in the 35* weather washing cars, so maybe you should get off your butt and do something too, cuz otherwise you will think about using, and you wanna produce those endorphins NATURALLY!!!!
    After work, HOT bath soak for 45 minutes at least.

    DAY 3 (the hellll day)
    Everything the same except I took the L-tyrosine 2,000mg 2 times (once at 8am and again at noon)
    Always take it with the B6 for absorption AND ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.
    That day I worked as well, so again, GO DO SOMETHING, one more day of this ???? and it will get better!!!
    That night I didn't sleep much even with taking 8mg Valium and 50mg Benadryl. Maybe 4-5 hours.

    Day 4 (home stretch)
    Doubled up on the L-tyrosine/B6 again, and took everything else the same as day 2, I think I took some more immodium because I still got the runs with 8mg.
    Worked all day once again, that always seemed to help, doing something. Went home and took a hot bath soak, took the usual 8mg Valium and 50mg Benadryl to sleep, slept pretty good, almost 6 hours straight.

    Day 5 (you're done, it's outta you)
    Same as day 4, just only 4mg of immodium with NORMAL ???? COMING OUTTA ME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 4 YEARS!!!!
    That's something to celebrate people lol
    Took the Valium and Benadryl to sleep, slept LIKE A BABY 8 HOURS!!!

    After this, do what you need to. I stopped the l-tyrosine/b6 after day 8 and coffee sufficed for me...
    I also didn't need the Valium or Benadryl at night after day 6, but I did go on jog/walks every day (only 2 miles)
    I do still enjoy hot baths to subside the muscle twitches I get now and then.

    Also, I'm not going to add this in to every day but I drank 5-8 16oz bottles of water EVERYDAY and I still do this now and I'm on day 15. And invest in a 16pack of the ensures or some off brand of it, you won't feel like eating, then day 5 or 6 you will be hungrier than you probably ever have been.

    It helps to have a loved one around throughout this process, because you will be very emotional.

    And I think the biggest thing of all that I did to help, I read my Bible every single day, Psalms is a great book to read through this. And pray for God to take the pain, he will.

    Enjoy everyone and if this only helps one person, I'll have done my part.

    Message or comment and I will send my Prayers to you to overcome this devil that the world has come to accept too easily.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    (I am not a healthcare professional, just someone who has done HOURS of research on the Internet on how to do this without taking time off work, do not take this as medical advice, only the advice of one dumass to you)

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    I am getting prepared to stop taking , daily 30mgMS Contin X3 = 90 mg daily
    15mg MS Contin X3 + 7 Lortab 10 daily.

    Should I taper or jump off w/this regimen that you used? Need your opinion

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    I would taper if you're taking that much morphine(mscontin)If you can, I'd try to only take the loritabs on your taper. You will feel like >>>> from not taking the ms nemore but you should deff feel ok enough to function. If you do the taper with hydrocodone(loritabs or Vic's or norcos) start taking the vitamins the day you stop taking the mscontin. And try to go down like a pill a day once you make it through the first week at minimum of only taking the loritabs.... I'm not a doctor but I'm just saying what I would do personally....
    Are you taking these meds for pain or Rec use? Don't worry I'm not one to harp for not taking for pain. But if you are takin for pain you should talk to your doctor before anything.

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