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How many Xanax is to much ... ?
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    Default How many Xanax is to much ... ?

    Hi everyone,

    I suffer from SaD and Schizophrenia and currently take Xanax for treatment ... I must say when I first started taking the drug it was amazing ... I could go into public and do shopping and go out for dinner with my family without having to leave half way through the meal coz I thought the people at the next table where talking about me and so on ....

    I use to take Rohypnol to treat my problems, but have found them hard to get now ...

    My Dr will only prescribe me with 0.25mg tablets as he does not like Xanax ... so I buy 2mg bars off the street to keep my life going to I can go places and have fun with family and friends ... only problem is now ...

    I have to take about 5 x 2mg bars at once before I go out, and normally about 4 cans of bourbon to get the same relief that 1 x 2mg bar use to give me ... some days I may find myself to have more then 20 bars in one day ... my tolerance to say the least has built up to a crazy state ... not to mention its costing me a fortune to be normal ...

    Even though I take so many every day, I can cold turkey stop them at anytime and not really have with drawels like ive had with rohypnol and Oxys and such ... only problem is, im stuck at home in my room and unable to shop and go out with friends as my SaD and Schizophrenia make me walk out at anytime and have to drive home by myself making me very embarrassed and uncomfortable ... my friends are use to it and understand but I love being able to go out in public and do normal things that normal people do ...

    Does anyone know how much of a break I would need to drop my tolerance? I cant continue to eat 15+ bars a day ... its going to kill my stomach or something ...

    I hold a full time job but luckily enough Im alone in a truck and dont have to see many people and when I do its people i know.

    My ilness has even made my house buying decision to a 125 acre lot with a house far up in the hills by itself so I dont have to deal with the public if I can help it.

    Thoughts? Help? Suggestions?

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    Xanax is a benzo and benzo medications are a type of medication that seems innocent enough but believe me that they sneak up on you and trying to get off benzos once hooked is a lot harder than getting off narcotic pain pills. Your doctor scripted you .25mgs for a reason and just the fact you are buying them off the street and taking more is exactly the reason why your doctor did what he/she did. Think about that for a moment and it makes perfect sense. Many doctors do not stress enough that benzos should and need to be used sparingly and only if REALLY needed. Many seem to put people on them as a maintenance med and one day the person decides to stop then a host of unpleasant symptoms show up. Speaking of which one thing you do NOT want to do with benzos is that if you are hooked on them, addicted to, chemically dependent, what ever one chooses to call it that YOU DO NOT WANT TO STOP THEM ABRUPTLY and they MUST BE tapered off of. Stopping benzos cold can be fatal.
    If you are taking them sporadically and haven't been taking them for weeks more than likely you can wean off them quickly but when we all become hooked on any substance we find reasons to keep taking them so you must be completely honest with yourself and determine if you really need them or if you are taking them only because. If you really need them it would be wise to listen to your medical professional team and be up front with them and let them know your concerns that you do not want to become hooked on them to the point you are popping them for every little thing. Your doctor did the right thing in starting off with .25mgs only. It can very quickly escalate as you have already witnessed. Time to stop is now.
    Do you have a team of medical professionals that specialize in your condition that you can interact with? Your condition isn't something you want to tackle and self diagnose then take it upon yourself to self medicate. That can lead to real trouble.
    Please be careful with the benzos. Out of the vast amount of drugs out there benzos are one of the most abused because they seem so innocent and harmless.

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    Some decade or two ago, I was on Xanax, Ativan, and even some Valium... the Xanax and Ativan were prescribed, plus I was drinking a 6 pack or more every night. The doc kept raising the Xanax and particularly the Ativan...

    At one point he'd given me a rather large prescription, but I ended up going back within day or two, because it didn't seem to be enough (per dose, but was probably a month's supply) - so he gave me another prescription, higher dose, and another months worth - which I promptly went and filled.

    I used them all up within about 2 weeks... and I decided that was crazy (and surely was) and stopped them all cold turkey, including drinking...

    I never told anyone what went on in my head for the next week, while I got pretty much zero sleep. There were voices and all that... At the end of the week I tried to kill myself, since it seemed like the best idea at the time.

    I ended up in the hospital and was in a coma for a number of days (major blood loss too, they apparently didn't know if I'd make it) - apparently at which time I sometimes appeared conscious and either extremely angry or extremely afraid, but I don't recall any of that except one or two short, vague memories of being very scared of someone in the room.

    So all in all, I would say that trying to go cold turkey was a *bad* idea - if I'd known that it (alone) can actually cause you to die, I might have gone to the hospital at the beginning of that week, instead of the end... but I didn't.

    You say that you have no trouble stopping, but have you tried for more than a few days?

    Henry's advice seems very reasonable.

    Hope you get what you need... cheers.


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    Hi and thank you both for your detailed answers and information.

    This is the only drug I have ever been able to stop taking cold turkey without ANY type of come down or NEED to take just for the feeling.

    Here is what happens when I stop taking them .... IF i try to go shopping, I have to look at the floor the while time and not make eye contact with anyone, I let the thoughts and voices randomly talk and keep my head noisy to keep me distracted from others around. I keep my phone out all teh time to pretend im texting or on the internet or something to make looking at the ground not so weird. If I meet someone I know in the supermarket there is no way in hell I can have a conversation whilst in public, im contstantly looking around at people and can hear them talk about the way I look and act. This makes it im possible for me to hear the conversation that my friend may be trying to have with me and luckily enough they know me well and they will actually say ... its cool man il catch up with ya later I can see ya spinning out. My head is SO noisy inside sometimes that I cant hear on the outside ...

    My thoughts run out of control thinking of random ????, and I cant stop it. I cant watch TV with ANYONE as im constantly thinking they are thinking im a freak and a weirdo and I have to get up and leave. Even with my own family. It even makes my eyes twitch sometimes if I get nervous enough.

    Ive seen so many Dr's and all they do is put me on resperdal or other long term meds that im sorry to say DO NOT WORK!

    3 Things that I have found myself that allow me to be able to go into public and not get paranoid and have all these crazy thoughts and they are Xanax, Rohypnol, and Alcohol.

    Rohypnol was by far the best, but I cant get it now ... Xanax I have a steady supply on the street ... and alcohol is a last resort as most the time I need to drive and dont want to drink and drive. Plus alcohol makes me wobbly and slurry.

    I dont party on Xanax, like some people may, I use it to solely do what so many people just take for granted and thats just being and feeling normal, and allow me to enter a public place.

    All my cars have limo tint so no one can see me, when I pull up at a set of lights I always offset my car with other cars so im never side by side window to window, I ride motorbikes and I have refelective mirror tinted visors, i buy everything I can online and have it delivered so I dont have to go to shopping centers ...

    This ilness runs my life, I have tried everything and nuthing can stop it.

    What I dont understand is, IF, yes IF Xanax and Rohynol totally fix my problem, WHY cant they make a long term medicine that does the same thing? The Dr's cant answer that for me ... I tell them ... I have FOUND the cure! But unfortunately its only a band aid cure.

    Im sick of living alone, im sick of taking medication be do normal life stuff, I want to be normal ...

    been from 15 + tabs a day to 0 for 4 days now, no effects, just sit at my computer and look for people with similar problems and see how they cope with life. I can cold turkey these anytime, all it does is stop me from leaving my house.

    Ok thats my rant for today, and thank you again for your time guys.

    Have a great day.

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    At 15 bars a day I would be less worried about what it was going to do to my stomach and much more worried about the very likely chance of having a seizure when I stopped. That is by far a profound amount of Xanax for anyone to be taking. Second, not everybody takes Xanax and parties. I've seen many people addicted to Xanax take ten or so pills and sit at their kitchen table sobbing and slurring their words. I am going to step out on a limb and say your not taking this drug for its therapeutic effects; you're getting wrecked. If you have SAD you should be taking an effective SSRI or medication for bi-polar/anxiety disorders like Abilify or something. Even Paxil. No Doctor can even legally prescribe that amount of Xanax and don't be fooled, you may have a steady supply now but all good things come to an end. When you run out your going to be in serious trouble and may need to be hospitalized. You should check into a Doctor who specializes in addiction and has experience with benzo's.

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