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husband abuses ambien while on methadone need some insight
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    Default husband abuses ambien while on methadone need some insight

    My husband was locked up for DUI he took ambien while dosing at the clinic. 30 days later got released and the first thing he did was get more ambien. I'm hurt because I stood by him. He's put me through hell and he constantly walks out packs his bags every other day and stays at his mom's then returns when he feels like it. We have 13 month old and I can't take the walk outs and the lies. I'm attending nar-anon I learned to accept the drug use but I can't tolerate the walk outs, the threats of divorce, and lying about the drugs when I already know. Please someone I want to save my marriage how do I deal with this ? What exactly do I do when he runs out on us constantly to use its tiring. I've tried threats, not seeing him for weeks, boundaries you name it I've done it, I end up feeling abandoned and betrayed. Will this ever change ? It's hard not to feel resentful angry when he's mean, moody, walking out, choosing this lifestyle over us I don't know how to rise above. Please help

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    I hate to say but till he wants to help himself! there is really nothing you can do! !

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