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Hydrocodone/acetaminophen addict?
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    Default Hydrocodone/acetaminophen addict?

    Hi all. I'm new here. I've been on hydrocodon for 10+ years now. My dr prescribed it for fibromyalgia and rls. I originally started out on 5mg once at bedtime. I've obviously had to had my dosage increased over the years in order fir it to keep working. I was at 2 10/325 at night wth a third one prn for pain during the day. I was going to day I never abused it and only took it as prescribed, mostly. I have alot of trouble sleeping (obviously as its after 1 a.m. now) and I had been taking 2 every 2 hours through the night. As many as 8 in one night just desperate fir sleep and calm. My x anxiety over not sleeping was through the roof. Well in march I had to have 2 joints in my foot fused and a tendon transfer. I got absolutely NO pain relief with anything they gave meand I was in excruciating pain. I was very nearly hysterical with the pain. They have me morphine, percocet, dilautid. Nothing even touched it. Drs and nurses said it was bc I'd been on such a high dose of vicodin for way to long and that I had to stop taking it. I have weaned myself off of it but only bci have to have the same surgery on the other foot in Oct and I can't do it if I can't get pain control. I guess I'm in denial and I hear myself and how ridiculous this is going to sound. Am I really an addict? I did get off of it. But I still want it so bad, like now, just enough to numb me and put me to sleep. And what if im off of it but I still take like just one pill every now and then, like maybe twice last week. I have saved my last rx bc I'm afraid I'll need it after my surgery. Last time my dr wouldn't give me anymore than what I already had bc he said it was to much. Like I said rx was written for 3 a day. First couple weeks after surgery I was taking 2 10s every 4 hours. That helped my pain. Needless to say I ran out fast and dr wouldn't give me anymore so I went without pain med until I could fill my regular rx again. I get my vicodin from a different dr and my foot dr/surgeon was outraged at the amount he had me on. They fought about it. Anyway I have these pills saved upfor my upcoming surgery. Have I done enough toensure thell work for me this time? I pray to God they do. But I want one or 2 so bad right now. I'm always in pain, from my fibro. What am I supposed to do? And am I really an addict? I just want to be free of pain and able to sleep.

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    In my opinion, there is a fine, but definite line between dependence and addiction. I have gone through both with hydros, and to me, your post paints me a pic of dependence, not addiction, but I am no expert. Take care and be well.

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    Ohhh yeah. Definitely addicted. You were taking alot. Save yourself the misery of wd and stop now. Eventually docs stop prescribing. They get scared. It's the way it is.

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