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Hydrocodone Withdrawl Help
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    Default Hydrocodone Withdrawl Help

    I am new and don't know where to turn. I am in so much pain. I ran out of my hydrocodone. I was getting a script but after refusing surgery I was told my scripts would no longer be refilled because I am not willing to "correct" the I was getting my meds through other sources. It is day 3 of no hydro. My back is tight, my legs hurt, I have literally slept the day away, nauseated, on the verge of tears because my pain level is uncontrolled and I thought taking about 6 per day would not cause withdrawl...mentally I am fine with the exception I NEED my pain meds to get out of pain and now feel like I need them to feel better. I can't get comfortable because my back is so tight. I took tramadol the dah I ran out, but did not have much of that...7 total, made them last until yesterday. I just took one of my ativans to try and ease the anxiety and tightness of my muscles. I just don't feel good and need someone to talk to. I have been taking these for months, on and off for about 3-4 years. How do I make this stop?

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    Have you tried the Thomas Recipie? You can look it up online, it helps some. I was addicted to norco, 250mg a day and I finally decided I wanted to quit so I saw an addiction doctor and got put on suboxone. I know there are mixed reviews about it because I'll eventually have to withdraw from that also, but for now it's really helping me.

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