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I am coming off of 8 years on OxyContin and Dilaudid
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    Default I am coming off of 8 years on OxyContin and Dilaudid

    I posted in the need to talk forum, but I think this might be better. I am being weaned off of meds after 8 years and I feel horrible! Never abused the meds, but have to come off and I hate the way I feel. Off of the 60mg OxyContin and now weaning off of 5 mg Dilaudid. Still on Flexeril and Xanax, one at a time, my PCP said.
    My doctor says it will take a slow 6 months to do it! I can't sleep, I hurt and need help understanding this dope sick feeling. For the full story go to my only other thread. Please help.

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    Hi, SunieD, I only see one post and it's this one above! Welcome to the boards. Please take a moment to explain more so we can help!


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