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i keep trying..suboxone taper
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    The only thing that is a non narcotic that works for me is Kratom. Look it up. Its a plant, it's legal, and it's fairly cheap. On teaspoon blended in chocolate milk usually kills 80% of the withdrawals for me. But only once Youve tapered down to less than 2mg of sub a day for at least a week. This plant shares some alkoloids with the opiate receptors so it works like subs being that its an agonist. Do some research on it. Also, if your tapering still, find some pictures of slivers of subs on line so u can measure out your 'cuts'. Once your down to pieces that resemble to nail clippings, that's when you'll want to start taking them only at night, and then every other day, and finally every 3rd day before you stop. I cut mine into .125's. Or as close to it as possible.

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    I got very lucky and found an awesome suboxone doctor who isnt out to steal my money and keep me hooked. I started my taper at her suggestion and have successfully tapered down from 16 mgs to 3 mgs and still reducing monthly and its been very easy with her help. My first time trying to get on subs, I did run intoa shady doctor who wanted cash, weekly visits and kept telling me I failed the drug tests which I knew was total bull>>>> to keep me coming in weekly for the $190 office fee. After a month of paying her, being told every week I tested positive for drugs I never even used, even when I was using (one week she claimed I tested positive for cocaine and I never touched coke in my life, even during the height of my addiction), I walked out of her office and never went back. Its drs like that, that really shouldn't be in the business of helping people when they only care about their bank account. She claimed she would give a monthly script after 2 clean drug tests and looking back, I can see why she kept saying I failed, so I would keep coming every week.

    Finding a good dr is key and sadly they are few and far between. Since being with my current dr, I have changed my life completely, stayed off oxycontin for years and regained all the things I lost during my addiction. We have a solid taper plan in place and every month I go down in milligrams and so far I havent even noticed. I feel the same as I did when I took 16 mgs being on 3 mgs and the slow taper without any withdrawals helps me stay on course. Tapering down is the way to go. You might not be off of it as quickly as you want but whats a few more months anyways!?

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    Im new to this so im not sure if im posting correctly. Ive been on 4mg of sub for 5 yrs after 10 mths of a couple of Percocet'5 a day. My Dr never wanted me to stop..wanted my money. Anyway I need this taper plan really spelled out for me because ive tried a few times to stop and it was really hard. If anyone could write back >> appreciate it! Thanks

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    Here is the link for the best taper plan there is that has proved successful for many people. Follow it to a tee for a smooth transition off of subs with minimal to no downside. I suggest starting your own thread on the suboxone thread or Need to Talk thread where there is more traffic and more people can chime in and help you along your way.

    Wish you the best!


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