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i need your help, can you help me !
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    Default i need your help, can you help me !

    I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place, am new here! Not sure where to go yet

    I was referred to pain management from my neuro and my new pmd is sending me for a urine drug screen. Reading from my paper, I'm being screened for Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cannabinoid, Cocaine, Opiates and Phencyclidine. That's it. And they are not using a gas chromotography to test for opoids. For those of you in pain management, is this just a baseline type screening, or are they digging with those? I haven't heard of the majority of what is being tested for so I'm curious as to what shows up. Is an opiate only morphine and >>>>>>? Or would other things such as Oxycodone show up? On the website of the lab I use, it states only those two - that's why I'm asking! I've never been to pain management before, I just didn't know if this was a standard test or if they are searching out specific drugs etc. Does Quest Diagnostics automatically test for things such as Oxycodone, for example? Meaning do they automatically test for the "expanded opiates" even though they weren't ordered by my doc? If it is not specified under the gas chromotography? (I DO have a valid script for Oxycodone, but I took it a few days early/before having my drug screen done because the pain is so severe and I do not drive/have to depend on others to take me to my appointments aka getting UA!!) Thanks for your help!

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    Oxycodone is an opiate so if they test for opiates it will show up in a urine test for about 4 days after your last dose, but if you have a valid prescription, and they know you are on it then I don’t think it would be an issue,

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