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I really need to stop this.
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    Post I really need to stop this.

    Hello, I am posting because I have read threads of people who seem to have the exact same problems as me and the same internal struggles. I am 23 years old and I have been taking (snorting percs) painkillers for prolly about 4 years now. It started off messing around and taking vicodin, I still snorted those and got an amazing high from just a Vic 5mg, and I loved it. It gave me energy and made me happy, the biggest thing to me is the painkillers make me content with doing ANYTHING. I could do homework and be high on painkillers and be the Happiest person in the world. At first I could take a Vic and be high for a while then the tolerance kicks in and you need more. I am currently taking perc 10mg, usually 4 day. (With taking maybe a day break in between because of money). It has come to the point where I need to quit, because it is all that's on my mind and all I want. It makes me neglect everything else in my life or not give any project my full attention because I just want the next high. I live with my parents and girlfriend and they do not know I do them like I do. (They have suspicions because some of my other family members do them.) Only people that know are a few friends who do them do and we get them together. But my other friends who don't do them (who use to be my closest friends) don't even know and I kinda neglect that relationship because I don't want them to know. Really I am just looking for support and help on how I can stop this soul sucking habit. I want to be me again, I was outgoing but like I said I am not content unless I am on perc and I hate that. I just want to stop and have tried but I failed and just end up going to get them when the going gets bad. Any advice/support is welcomed. Thank you for hearing me.

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    Hey LoveLife, just wanted to say you're right that you're not alone in what you're feeling or going through. Everything's going to be okay, it's going to just take time and lots of screwing up (at least in my case!), but I hope to see you around here-- keep checking in with how you're feeling. xoxo, 5Years

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