Ive recently been off actual opiates since beg of june this year. I did use and am still currently taking 1/16th of a 2mg sub film. Since ive been wakin up in middle of night i then started to just take them wen i wake up in middle of night. In the last 2mos, i keep waking up before even the sun but to not fall bak asleep til later at night. I can fall asleep no problem usually by 10-11:30ish with just 30mg melatonin and 2 unisom, just so that wen i do wake up i at least get some sleep, (my prob is that im type who likes to sleep alot so even though it sounds not like alot, it does take a huge toll on my brain. Im desperately scouring online for any more non-addicting remedies, herbs, supplements, i even bought hallucinagenic honey (not arrived yet out of country)! I really dont wven want to be on the suboxone but im afraid the insomnia part may kill me so i havent completely stopped sub but am absolutely willing and may just start skip days next week- ive even tried taking at first wake- no luk) melatonin/unisom/dabbing with and without high dose cbd (im heavy mj smoker as i live in ca so i have benefit of that at lease but i also have super high tolerances). I tried kava paste and L-theanyline (sp?). I just recently ordered some salvia to try but not sure how much- and would greatly appreciate ANY ADVICE!!